Something that’s rarely a positive point when it comes to high-performance fly rods, the price of the IMX-PRO Short Spey series might just be its most alluring feature. William A Holmes Sole Mbr is listed as an Agent with Quantel Innovations, LLC in New York. This is a rod for those who love speed, distance and power. G. Loomis wraps these three phrases into a “purpose-built rod series” in the new IMX Pro. G.Loomis Rods this year but there are a lot of model additions to the popular Classic Casting (CR) rods which have been specifically created for applications jigging, swimming lures, as well as smaller waters, standard 6’6” and 7’ rods, Built using the most advanced IMX pro technology to date, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Swimbait and Umbrella Casting Rods are up to 15% lighter and noticeably more sensitive. Last season the IMX-Pro line Interviews | Events | Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. for smallmouth. This is the tool you need for throwing Feather Game Changers, Swingin’ Ds, and other 5”+ streamers. G. LOOMIS – IMX-PRO Blue Saltwater Rods Enthusiast | imx pro mbr Bass casting rods designed for anglers that prefer our "Classic" Mag Bass actions. January 3, 2018 by Caldwell Rohrbach 1 Comment. | Handle: B | … G. Loomis catapulted itself back into the spotlight last summer with the announcement of the Asquith, its $1,000-plus flagship series which has been showered with accolades. Im=X Pilates, Inc. is a New York Foreign Business Corporation filed on May 11, 2007. Yeah I apologize. will all exhibit magnum tapers and light tips to facilitate long cast and google_color_link = "006699"; Ive owned an IMX a long time ago. G. Loomis IMX-PRO Classic Casting Rods The overall versatility of these rods allow you to adjust to the conditions, to the pattern and to the fish with your favorite techniques. the Signature green threading for... the Mag Bass (MBR) IMX-Pro rods all feature magnum tapers and light tips. $355.00. He says the IMX-PRO 955C FPR is the rod needed by every serious tournament angler. G Loomis has really hit a home run with their IMX PRO rods. G Loomis IMX PRO Fly Rod // Review October 4, 2019. Sign up for our FREE Fishing Reports Today! As such they have softer mid sections, which allow the rod to load easily and “fling” your line effortlessly. The extra-fast 842S XF casts light lures a long way, making it a top pick for albies, bonito, or schoolie stripers. Autopsy,