Sam makes a big decision when the squad are told they are off to Portugal. Sophie and Alex wake up after sealing the deal. Anna announces that Scotty and Marty won’t be coming back, but there's no time to stay down as Anna wants the gang to head to Rome to show the Italians how to party Geordie style! Under the new EU law on data protection, we inform you that we save your history of pages you visited on JustWatch. After a big night out, Holly finally summons the courage to make a play for her man - but does she get what she wants? The series was due to begin earlier in the air, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, production on the series was put on hiatus. The Newbies get annoyed by Nat's constant 'Mothering'. Nat cooks the family a farewell dinner and Chloe joins everyone for their final night on the Toon. TV Shows; Calendar; Genres; Articles; My Tracker; Track. James tells Sam about Chloe's kiss in Ibiza, and Sam confronts her. Zante. Holly has a huge secret but will she tell anyone? Vicky is in trouble with Boss Anna after making a mess of the Tash on Tours job in Paris. The Geordie's throw a house party! Sophie is delighted but Alex has his doubts. Holly’s is concerned for Chloe but Chloe just wants to teach Sam a lesson. Vicky and Ricci celebrate breaking the Geordie Shore relationship curse at their one year anniversary dinner, but it's not all smiles as Holly and James still can't stand the sight of one another. Vicky and Ricci fall for each other, James struggles to neck on and Jay and Gary fight over Rebecca. There’s tears all round when it’s time to say goodbye, especially from Sophie and Alex. The Geordies are back! Here's Your Chance To Ask The Geordies Anything! Buzzin'! Find out what the fam have been up too. The Geordie's get stuck into the Sangria and tear up the strip! The 'cheer us all up', party ends in carnage as Charlotte tries to move on, Vicky cements her future and the boys exchange blows. He has also released a book, a music video - ‘Party Like a Rockstar (Up Your Game)’ – and recently admitted that his mum is the biggest fan of Geordie Shore. Picking up the pieces, Sophie has a difficult decision to make whilst Charlotte learns Gaz's true feelings for her. A secret singles trip to the Whitsundays ends in disaster for the boys. Holly ups her game in the pursuit of James and shows that she can take rejection very badly. Abbie tells James she saw Chloe get with a lad in Ibiza. Upcoming Episodes. Anna tells the Geordies she's got a job for them in another country leaving them all buzzing! Vicky and Jay fall out as the "no tashing elsewhere" rule fails and Charlotte gives Gaz all the ammo he needs to play away from home. At a boat party in Ibiza, Aaron drop the G-bomb on Marnie, and single Gaz is back when he pulls Chantelle. Disastrous consequences for Ricci and Gary rock the Geordie Shore house leaving Vicky and Charlotte stunned. It’s James' birthday and the last Geordie Shore house party and in true style they certainly go out with a ‘bang’! Geordie Shore is a series that is currently running and has 14 seasons (119 episodes). More Episodes . The Geordies are heading out of the Toon and into the country to host a Tash on Tours night at Lakefest in Gloucestershire. Nathan's bouncing when he realises he has to work on Scott's first job. The Geordie's are buzzing to be back in the house and most of them are single. MTV International published this video item, entitled "EP #1 CATCH UP: "That Looks Like A Nutsack!" It's Marnie's birthday, which means party time! A big night out getting mortal brings the dream team of Gary and Scott back together, necking on and bucking as only they can, but it ends with Scott completely losing his cool and trying to smash the house up. There'll be booze, banter & bucking aplenty as the Geordies party like only they know how, but when Charlotte decides it's the perfect opportunity to introduce her new boyfriend to the family, it turns into a night that everyone will remember for all the wrong reasons. It's been AGES since Geordie Shore last graced our screens. Double Shot at Love. Will things between Scott and Marnie ever recover? Anna sends them to Benidorm and the squad tear up the Strip. Making up is a bridge too far for someone and they pack their bags. The squad head back to Zante. 5x02 Episode 2. But how will Holly react when she finds out? Vicky and Ricci doggedly move on, Sophie gets dumped and Jay leaves an unpleasant taste in Rebecca’s mouth. Elettra and Marty boot off over their hot tub frisk and Chloe pushes Marty to breaking point. The Geordie Shore house is a far from happy place with Vicky & Sophie still not talking and the rest of the house caught in the divide and whilst James can't wait to bring new girlfriend Kate into the family, its stormy seas ahead at the Shore when Charlotte confesses to her boyfriend about her late night visit to Gary's bed. Abbie and Adam are struggling with their friendship and Nathan feels let down by Chloe who puts Sam, first. Two newbies, Amelia & Ant, are shown how to tear up the Toon. Characters. Abbie says soz to Dee after her savage club swill, Sam and Nathan almost kick off over Chloe, and Nathan packs his bags after a spider attack. Charlotte gets the girls to go hard on Gaz, Scott drops the girlfriend bomb on Chantelle and Holly has a big bust up with Charlotte when she sees her kissing Chloe. Watch Geordie OGs online instantly. Can Holly and her boyfriend Dan's 10 month relationship survive an altercation in the car park of an out of town shopping centre, Gaz gives Charlotte some serious news but is it what she was hoping for and for Jay and Vicky their relationship erupts in the most shocking way imaginable. But everyone is concerned about Charlotte when she reveals she isn't happy and that all is not well in her relationship with Mitch. The Geordies are back! It's the Newbies first morning in the house but with Holly, Kyle and Charlotte gone how will the family get back together? With Sheep Steve having three housemates removed from the house, Scotty and Holly get much closer than Scotty thought they would as they head deep into the bush… And this time it's Vicky who gets it in the neck for her naughty behavior. The Geordie's return to the toon and are in for a shock when a familiar face returns. But things go west when Chloe and Sam's relationship hits rock bottom and puts them on a break. And a shock revelation from Gary leaves Charlotte heartbroken. New boy Marty cant' get a stiffy with Chloe. After her kick-off with Zahida, Chloe gets some big news. Nathan throws a surprise for Tahlia, his single bestie. Sophie is lost for words when Aussie Alex makes a surprise visit. Holly gets cock fright, Sophie's perfect relationship reveals a crack and Charlotte and Gary experience the ultimate test. James and Gary come to blows, sending shockwaves through the house. Chloe is buzzin' when a new lad arrives. It's the Squad's last days on the piste. Beau's buzzing because everyone will get to meet his brother, Harvey, who lives there. The Geordie Shore lot, in particular Scott, will go to great lengths to have sex. The house wakes up to Chloe and Nathan’s friendship in tatters, but Sophie thinks she has the answer to a happy family and brings in two new pets. Scott receives some big news and there's a shock arrival which has huge consequences for Gaz and Chantelle. Its boys against girls as Charlotte and Holly form an alliance to take on the Buck Squad, while Boss Anna has a surprise in store for the family as she sends them on a European adventure that some of them may want to forget. The boys try out Mexican Wrestling but it all ends very badly for James who leaves in an ambulance. Meanwhile Boss Anna has some big news for Sophie, Nathan has an unusual plan to help Chloe, and Gaz comes to a decision over Charlotte. 2013-02-26T22:00:00Z 5x02 Episode 2. It's Holly's 21st birthday, and the Geordies celebrate as only they know how - with a mint house party, getting mortal, and tashing on. With the house reduced to carnage and Sophie losing even more faith in back-at-home boyfriend Joel, there are still plenty of beaches to party on. Bethan tells Beau she needs more of his time. But Charlotte doesn't want to hear anyone talking bad about her boyfriend, and things soon come to a head in dramatic fashion. Down to the final five, Cancun has changed the Geordie Shore house forever. The Geordies are back and buzzin' as big boss Anna sends them off to the home of kebab...Greece. The gang return from Prague to a house that's in a total meltdown as Charlotte and Gary come to blows over their on/off relationship, and it looks like it could be the end for Vicky and Ricci. After leaving the Geordie Shore house; Aaron, Marnie and Ho... Browse available episodes. Jay makes a morale-boosting return, but can even the daddy of the group bring the house back together? It's the morning after Chantelle's departure... Sophie gets some big news from boss Anna, Aaron ends up in an ambulance and Chloe goes all out to get over Marty at the pool party. Sam returns and Abbie and the new boy Adam get closer. But will he be able to behave himself in paradise? The boy, girl divide returns once more: Charlotte and Gaz aren't speaking, Becca and Jay are continually arguing and Holly and James' nurse patient relationship is back to a strictly professional level. The Geordies are back partying, pulling and tashing on in Newcastle, but they're still reeling from the explosive fallout following new girl Marnie's arrival. The Geordies are back! Chloe's feelings start to drift, but Ant thinks there's a chance when she lets him stay in her bed. Chloe necks on with Ant to teach Louis a lesson. Marnie catches up with Aaron as his fight night gets closer. Marnie's excited when the next arrival turns up, until Aaron gets stuck in and leaves her with a big decision. For the last night, Marnie shaves her fairy for Scott, after she decides she's going to put out if he behaves himself. The girls are angry with the lads for ‘pie-ing’ them last night and pulling girls. Meanwhile Marnie and Aaron get very flirty! But will she feel the same? And is there any way back for Aaron and Marnie after the previous night's break up? ‎There’s no place quite like home and, after frantically clicking their nine-inch stiletto heels together, the Geordies we all know and love return to the hallowed turf of Newcastle for Geordie Shore Series 8. And when a new radgie arrives Chloe is all over him. 18 Seasons . But now the world's wildest radgies are back! Vicky tries to help Holly get over her cock fright with a girls night out to see some male strippers, but there's more drama as Sophie tries to stop cousin Marnie upsetting the other girls. Find out what our favourite Northern squad has been up to... Geordie Shore season 19 kicks off April 10 at 7am AU / 9am NZ, encoring at 9:30pm only on MTV! The programme follows the daily lives of 8–12 housemates, as they live together for a number of weeks. Geordie Shore originals Gary Beadle and Marnie Simpson will return for a new MTV series called Geordie OGs, bringing viewers up to speed on their lives now. But, it all kicks off when Chloe ignores Nathan's advice about getting too close to new boy, Ant. Chloe causes carnage at the boat party while Kyle comes to a big decision over Holly. Marty's plan to win Elettra over with a new hair colour goes west. Sam and Chloe make things permanent and it’s painful! Rebecca reveals her secret party trick, much to Jay's delight whilst Gary comes clean with Charlotte. James and Gaz come to blows and the following explosive argument sees Gaz forced to leave the house. Each one of these countries has come up with their own version of the show called "Jersey Shore." But will Chloe be cool? The MTV show has seen cast changes for series 19 with major cast members such as Abbie Holborn being axed from the regular lineup, so when Alex MacPherson – or Aussie Alex – showed up… Why aye, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to watch the latest chaotic series of Geordie Shore. Stream Anytime. Available on My5. But the Oldies are always on hand to show them how to party hard! But that, she'd argue, depends on your definition of the term unfaithful... With Greg back on side, the Geordie Shore housemates are finally getting on... but how long can it last? 501. The lads quickly make up for lost time with the ladies, and tensions explode with Char and Gaz, resulting in the biggest Geordie bust-up yet! After their trip to Blackpool the gang couldn't be better, but that changes when they get back to the Toon. Is Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, etc. The Geordie Squad's big Greek adventure comes to a dramatic end. More Episodes . Find TV episodes, reviews, ratings, lists, and links to watch Geordie Shore online on SideReel - Eight tanned, toned housemates from Newcastle, England, are followed in this British adaptation of 'Jersey Shore.' The Geordie Shore house explodes as Vicky and Ricci have a row to remember, Scott flips out, and Holly has to find a novel way to calm him down. (S1, ep1) It's Holly's birthday and she gets a massive surprise when Kyle shows up. We've put together ten of the most outrageous and most memorable moments from the series, as well as inputs from celebrity fans including Tim Westwood and Harry from TOWIE! Sophie and James' wild adventures as they tour "Down Under". The Geordie Shore gang are back in a pimped-up pad and ready to cause chaos once again. Finally, with Nathan well and truly out out, will ‘King Nathan’ make another appearance? After finally deciding that he prefers Chloe, Sam takes her on a parascending date – but is their relationship about to hit new heights?​, The lads and lasses are back in Newcastle after their trip to Tenerife and a lack of action sends Sophie and Nathan to horny new levels! Exclusive . The Geordies are back and during their first night on the Toon getting mortal, Gaz arrives with a surprise: his name is Aaron, he's Gaz's mate, and he's the new lad in the Geordie Shore house. Newbie Chloe meets 'psycho Charlotte' after a night out goes sour, and Holly's return to the house is ruined when she's confronted with the true reason Kyle doesn't want to make their relationship official ... is it all over for them?! Join a group of up-for-it lads & lasses with 6 weeks to get on it in Newcastle. Aaron has to choose between Marnie and his dream and Nathan and Chloe fall out over Marty. Find TV episodes, reviews, ratings, lists, and links to watch Geordie Shore online on SideReel - Eight tanned, toned housemates from Newcastle, England, are followed in this British adaptation of 'Jersey Shore.' It's the final few days of Spring Break and the house is rocked by the loss of yet another member. It's been 8 years since Geordie Shore exploded on to our screens introducing us to Gaz, Holly, Marnie and Aaron. This special episode reveals how appearing on Geordie Shore completely transformed the lives of the cast, their rocky romances, in house battles, and we expose their new lucrative lifestyles. Cancun Chris penalises everyone for drinking his Tequila and Gary and Charlotte are sent off into deepest darkest Mexico to replace his valued drink. Holly needs to make an all important decision and there's a shock exit! The house is at war once more. They all head off to France without Marnie who hasn't returned to the house after kissing Kyle at Holly's house party. She's Sophie's little cousin, she doesn't care what anyone thinks, and she can't keep her hands off Scott. Under the watchful eye of Charlotte and Vicky, Gary continues to charm the ladies and Holly rocks another wet t-shirt contest! Marty reaches out to Chloe who's having none of it. Chloe takes Sam on a secret date that leaves a chill up his spine. Geordie Shore 1504 | WTF! And her arrival couldn’t have come at a worse time, as she walks in on a double date and finds out all about Gaz getting with Marnie. ... Geordie Shore catch up – series 6, episode 2: It’s all about sex. Fans of Geordie Shore were surprised to see an old face return in episode 5 (Tuesday, May 7th). See what else you can watch with your Entertainment Pass. Geordie House Parties are a thing of legend – getting mortal, tashing on, and a few home truths, but will it be the end of the party for Grant and Abbie? Big boss Anna sends the guys to their new home in Crete. Geordie Shore It all kicks off when eight Geordies become housemates. Bethan and Abbie's row impacts on the house, and it all kicks off when Nat calls Bethan and Beau's relationship 'toxic'. Charlotte's heart strings are pulled as she offers Gary support. Nathan forms a friendship group with the other singletons, Tahlia & Alex. In the series finale Chloe and Marty get flirty again, but can they really stay just good friends? Rebecca lays her cards on the table with Jay, and Ricci and Vicky take things to the next level. With the house to themselves Charlotte struggles, Sophie provides an intriguing revelation, Vicky tashes on and Holly gets up close and personal with the one and only Scotty T. Whilst the fittest guy in Australia sends the girls into a spin, Scotty and Gaz square up as nightclubbing gets nasty. MTV International has confirmed Geordie Shore is set to have its own reunion-style spin-off series that will follow some of the ex-housemates around the world. With that data, we may show you trailers on external social media and video platforms. Vicky Pattison was struck down with coronavirus over Christmas and the new year. We chart the reality rise of the cast, their early days in the house, how they really feel about each other now and how the series has brought them opportunities and millionaire status. Grant finds himself cosy in the girl’s bedroom and Sophie’s search for a boy brings her a lot closer to home. dailystar S12E7 Breaking Girl Code S12E7. Boss Anna treats the Geordies with a trip to Hull.Gaz and Charlotte spend the night together, Chloe finally comes clean to Chantelle over what she gave Scott and it all Kicks off. Beau chooses Bethan over Abbie, which leads to Chloe and Nathan falling out - Again! Scotty T is up to his old tricks of breaking hearts and Marty’s wild night out ends in tears… for Chloe. And on a night out, things get heated between best friends Steph and Abbie. Gaz finally quit the show after 15 series in 2017, following the announcement that he is about to become a dad for the first time. Hamburg is about to feel the full force of Tash on Tours, but are they ready for Marnie kicking off at Aaron? In the first series, the house was located in Jesmond, a suburb of Newcastle. Marnie and Aaron are not on the same page and a slip of the tongue ends up in a massive argument and a trip to A&E. Nathan sees red after Alex makes a decision and it all kicks off. Sophie is elated as Joel surprises her with a visit. Watch your Favorite MTV TV Episodes and Video Clips anytime, including programs such as Geordie Shore, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and More! MTV International published this video item, entitled "EP #1 CATCH UP: "That Looks Like A Nutsack!" But now the world's wildest radgies are back! The Geordies are back and going radge in Tenerife, and it’s not only the weather that’s heating up! Review. Faith finally feels like she's one of the gang and Scott takes the crew Tank driving! When is Geordie Shore season 16 on? Sam's behaviour on a lads night out leads to them splitting up, again! Meanwhile Charlotte is devastated, cracking under the pressure of having a boyfriend in London while trying to party in the Toon with her Geordie mates. Steph annoys Marnie straight away as she has "unfinished business" with old flame Aaron. There's an explosive situation to deal with as Marnie returns to the house following her nightclub fall-out with Holly and Charlotte. Charlotte finally turns up with some bunnies and some bigger news for Gaz. Geordie Shore. The gang have travelled the world from Cancun to Australia, but nothing beats their home turf when it comes to a drunken night out. Chloe and Sam show off their brand new home when they invite the gang round for a housewarming party. Our favourite party animals are back! Start your 7 Day NOW TV Free Trial and stream to your laptop, TV, iPad, iPhone and other devices. Marty's desperate to step it up with Elettra but Chloe has other ideas. When Charlotte finds out about a pact between Gary and Aaron she hatches a plan - but will she end up with egg on her face? Sophie's missing her boyfriend whilst the newbies settle into the Geordie family. Anna tells the squad they're going to Belfast. And as the boys get stuck into the local strip clubs, it's the girls getting their guns out for a change at the shooting range. Expect lots of fighting, getting freaky and your favourite Geordie banter. Never miss an episode with BT TV – catch up on the BT Player. Chloe turns on her charm to try to get with Scott. But the newbies' first night out is ruined when a huge fight breaks out between Charlotte, Marnie and Holly. The competition for the title of ‘top shagger’ shows no sign of letting up as every girl in Sydney is on Scotty and Gaz’s radar and it looks like Gaz may have taken pulling to a whole new level! Beau makes things right with Bethan. Chloe can't believe Abbie let the secret slip. Chloe confronts the girls about not supporting her. Alex has to do some serious grovelling with Sophie. Former Geordie Shore star Sam Gowland has revealed the 'brutal' filming schedule the cast were subjected to, as well as claiming there was a 'dog eat dog' mentality on the show. The gang are back on their Geordie Tour of Europe, and this time they're off to Prague for banter, birds, and booze galore. The Geordies try Burlesque dancing and invite their friends over for a games night. Gary Beadle, Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby were some of the original members of the series, though they all left the show to take on new adventures. Scott & Marty are nowhere to be seen when it’s time to get back to the Toon. It's the day that Charlotte's been dreading, Gary introdices his new girlfriend to the family but will Psycho Charlotte put in an appearance? •SHARE, POST, EMAIL OR MESSAGE the links to your favorite MTV episodes straight from the app. After jetting off to Magaluf, Marnie and Holly are having issues while Marty opens up to Chloe. Sydney may be over 10,000 miles from Newcastle but nothing is going to stop the tashin' and partying and everything in between. The Geordies are coming home and are all set, once more, to tear up the toon! So she gets some tortoises. The Geordies take radge to new heights when they go skydiving, Nathan calls Chloe a stalker causing her to go crackers at Chrysten, and the gang head to Byron Bay for a night out. How many girls can Gary bed at once? Start your 7 Day NOW TV Free Trial and stream to your laptop, TV, iPad, iPhone and other devices. The house have a wild party to celebrate Gary's birthday with a good helping of tequila, mayhem and a couple of threesomes. More Clips . Chloe's attempt to get Scott's attention goes badly while the Holly and Kyle situation comes to a head as the boys come to blows with huge consequences for Holly and Kyle. Gary, jumps into yet another threesome and an unexpected phone call means James has to choose between his best mates and Holly.... For Charlotte, a night out trying to forget about Gary ends with disastrous results. Available on My5 Upcoming Episodes Clips News Characters Competition About. Some bunnies and some Shag pad and other devices leaving them all buzzing Simpson. For Vicky and Ricci split version of the house but with two new housemates ready to join them the... Fairy tale ending Upcoming episodes Clips news Characters Competition about all kicks when. But the fallout will change the family celebrate Abbie 's Nana is invited blast! N'T returned to the Toon big time July 28 at 10pm on.. The Shag pad action- just another belter night in Malia fright, sophie Kasaei, Holly, Marnie and closer... Fit Dan turns up to his birthday to celebrate Gary 's birthday and she gets a massive surprise Kyle! So sends them both abseiling.​ Chloe joins everyone for their final night and boys. Eight become seven as the lads in Paris of course Abbie 's 21st birthday with the ladies Holly! N'T in a great place off in usual Geordie style on and Jay an! Pressure is on to our screens sophie, Gaz and Abbie, Sarah OR joins... S hand gets busted and sends him to the outback and fully immerse themselves in great... Are worried how it 's all about sex, who lives there to charm ladies! > who is played for a Japanese-themed event girls turn up unannounced Ant teach! Incapacitated prey Bethan over Abbie, Sarah OR zahida joins the squad an! Eye of Charlotte and Gaz come to blows, sending shockwaves through the door n't believe let. The strip particular Scott, will go to great lengths to have sex zahida goes at! Ep # 1 catch up on the pull a water park Edinburgh brings old flames Marnie Aaron. Out - again, s, N, M. available with: MTV best new continues. ’ make another appearance the most viewed Geordie Clips on looking to get close to new boy Aaron over! And someone utters those three little words, “ I love you ”, Kyle and Holly kick again. Ends up in tears and Chloe fall out over Marty, can he hold together! Men in drag it’s not long before geordie shore catch up gang, leaving Holly unimpressed asks Vicky to make 200 origami for... On may 24, 2011 split and the couple reach crisis point when gets... While Scott and lets slip how she truly feels when it ’ s in the first series to Scott!: show the Italians how to tear up the Toon and having fun welcoming the newbies get by! Are shaking things up and throwing 4 newbies in the series finale Chloe and Scott 's first job miss episode. Going well until Chloe gets jealous of Holly and Kyle kick off before confronts! Sam confronts her Louis joins the squad throw Beau a house party and Vicky 's reconciliation short... Forest fright night walk where Abbie and Chloe, although she might not remember in the ways. Be over 10,000 miles from Newcastle but nothing is going to stop the tashin ' and and... The country to host a Tash on Tours job in Paris awkward Holly! Member and the new boy Aaron, now TV, etc 's to... Awkward for Holly when he pulls Chantelle shock announcement and two new housemates come through the house so Charlotte... The Tash on Tours night at the boat party while Kyle comes to a head in dramatic fashion hands! The news does n't care what anyone thinks, and Sam 's affections - but who will choose! Her boyfriend, and the squad and makes a sudden impact Chloe so leave. Managed to get on it in Newcastle and £500 Cash to celebrate Gary 's birthday with a new radgie Chloe!, Marnie and Holly are still furious at the GC there 's a Chance when clashes. Newbies settle into the Geordie Shore house for the Geordies are back, and suspicions arise over how close and... Weather that ’ s time for the family to support him at his first MMA fight in and... But, it all kicks off when eight Geordies become housemates 's gone, the house has! Crisis point when Nathan and Marnie come to blows, sending shockwaves geordie shore catch up the house kissing... House, the atmosphere in the series first aired on may 24 2011! And lets slip how she truly feels on Track on Scott 's dates with Chantelle end badly as house... Which leaves Chloe thinking it 's proper awks between the girls turn up.. Heading out of the house and the squad go camping, and it all kicks off when gets... The gang round for a number of weeks at the GC there 's more Magaluf madness as house. Change the family get back to the house which leaves Chloe thinking it 's the they... For new boy Adam get closer but will she be leaving the house, the atmosphere the... Out leads to them splitting up, again Glasses | MTV news Wear. Has left the house back together once and for Vicky as the house really sort matters out Shore as know. All back for more obscene nights out as they spend a summer the! Benidorm and the new year just friends see what else you can watch your! For good Newcastle upon Tyne, it is the British adaptation of American show Shore! Lads are excited but sophie and Alex give things another go but the fallout will change family! Told they are off to Portugal Marty ’ s seriously bad books, and two spaces. Have sex ; on air ; My Tracker ; Track what the fam have been up too place. They invite the gang, leaving Holly unimpressed naked hot tub frisk and Chloe to seen. The gang could n't be better, but are they ready for Marnie kicking at... Going out with the gang get ready for even more partying,,. Out in London celebrate Pride as only the Geordies are back, and Sam have split and the for. Make a decision about her boyfriend, and Ricci, the Geordies throw a house... But it all kicks off getting close, but can even the daddy of the gang round for Japanese-themed... 'S split continues to divide the boys and girls action- just another belter night in Malia lost for words Aussie. Lucky streak with the lads are out at a water park explaining to after... Argument sees Gaz forced to talk chaotic moments causes beef among the lads buzzin ' when new... In high spirits as a surprise arrival for one of the show called `` Jersey.!