They’ll not only cool, but they heat as well. They can both heat and cool more efficiently than a furnace / AC combo and are perfect for our normal temperature range. It’s a wonderful blog and it will be helpful to so many people. The filters and coils in AC units also need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We have been since 1957. We’re looking at a Trane heat pump vs. Trane AC. There are a lot of benefits to using a heat pump vs air conditioners: Pros. I have a gas furnace with 92% efficiency. They don’t cool off the house per se, but pull the heat right out of the house and reduce upstairs temperatures but as much as eight degrees. To calculate how many days that would be, you could take a look at an average temperature record for your area (easily available with online search), and find the days between 35 degrees and the average temperature at which you don’t run your heat. Cons. We live in Bellevue, WA and are looking into an AC. As air gets pulled into your system and passes over those coils, the air cools down and the refrigerant heats up. A BPI certified auditor will do a whole home assessment including a blower door test and infrared imaging. We will have new vent piping installed which will replace those which fed heat to the house via existing furnaces (2). Under optimal conditions, air-source heat pump systems can drop a home’s energy consumption by as much as 40 percent. They are the same efficiency, sound, amount of cooling. With a Home Performance Audit, a full understanding of your home is achieved and a plan is created so both the homeowner and the contractor understand what’s going on with the home’s systems and then decide the best approach to keep you and your family comfortable. Thank u very much for your advice. I’m looking to replace my heat pump but I’m not sure if a heat pump or an air conditioner is the best way to go. Washington Energy Services’ home energy specialists can help you choose your best cooling option. We would love to help! Our house is around 5200 sq ft. Because heat pumps remove heat from a cool area and transfer it to a warm area, they can be used to both heat and cool and so can be useful all year long. We have a two level 1750 sq ft home in Vancouver Wa. Heat Pump Tank Water Heaters: Domestic tank water heaters that use an absorption based heat pump to heat the stored water with efficiencies well over 100%. Do Heat Pumps Cool as Well as Air Conditioners? (1)Which type of system should I steer toward Plus in California, be sure to look up the local rebate programs. Thanks. To start, let’s examine some similarities between heat pumps and air conditioners. A heat pump is a great choice for Western Washington. If they are correct, then we should stick with a gas furnace and add AC separately. Hi Lam, are you in our service area? If your home is currently heated by an inefficient heat source, for example oil, you’ll see much lower heating costs with a heat pump. If you’re wondering which way to go, our reps can have a chat with you and show you a few different options depending on your home comfort pain points and budget. Hi Generally, a heat pump heats best down at about 40 degrees. Would a heat pump make more sense than replacing both units? Also, are attic fans commonly installed in this area? Though heat pumps can be a good alternative to an ac unit, they can’t do the work of a furnace when it comes to heating your home. Thanks Allison! Energy efficient– air source heat pumps can generate less CO2 than conventional heating systems. We have an upstairs and downstairs heat pump units. ———-. If you have questions about these or wish to learn more, just give us a call. How Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Work. We love heat pumps and they are well-fitted to our climate, but you may want to add air conditioning since you just replaced the furnace. Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form and we’ll get back to you. They are operated by remote control. Speak with a project advisor today, Washington Energy | 06/15/2012 | Posted in Thanks in advance. Secondly, today’s outdoor units on heat pumps are extremely quiet. In the Miami FL nearly all year warm climate which is the best option between A/C and Heat Pump? A ductless heat pump can lower energy costs 25-40% when replacing electric baseboard heat. My wife and I are looking at a home to buy and it has a heat pump with all duct work, the description says heat pump for heating and cooling is listed as other. Here, heat pumps are a great option because we do not have extreme temperatures. In the winter, the opposite will happen and your heat pump will warm your house instead. If it were more powerful, the area near it would be too cold while the area further away would be just right. Alternatively, maybe your heat pump doesn’t cool down after use, or it runs constantly. In the summer, they move heat from … The important thing here is that you do not need to suffer through those hot summer nights and prices can be reasonable to cool down. Since the technology on them is more compact and advanced, the units themselves, as well as the installation, can be substantially more expensive than AC units. Section 4 - Heating and Cooling with a Heat Pump. 2020 © Washington Energy Services. It is 3 years old and has a gas furnace. gas fired water heater and considering replacing those with a heat pump + tankless gas water heater. Could you tell me which ductless a/c multi-split brand has the best SEER/efficiency rating? I wanted to give props to whoever is continually replying to these random questions, 3 years later, with many people outside your service area. I thought that it was interesting when you said that there are different kinds of air conditioning unit that you can have installed in your home depending on your need. Hello, I am rebuilding my home on Mercer Island essentially from the ground up. Thanks. Hello Marjorie and thanks for asking. A heat pump can replace your air conditioner, and possibly your heating system as well. Hi Kim, We would probably recommend a ductless heat pump. Years ago we lost electrical power during an ice storm. But I’m sure someone near you would love the opportunity to steer you in the right direction. The most common is the air-to-air heat pump. Air conditioning units are common in many homes, but most people don’t understand how they actually work. is that leaking water or refrigerant? We’d love to help! I am currently purchasing a home with central ac with ducks in the ceiling and electric base board though out the house. Hello thanks for asking, /articles-tips/heat-pumps-vs-ac-infographic, It’s baseboard heat. Thanks. Central air conditioning units are the best way to keep your house at a consistently cool temperature. With your portable air conditioner heater installed correctly, it can provide you year-round comfort for … However, standard air conditioners won’t pump out air that’s hotter than the ambient air. Depending on propane rates (which vary from season to season) a heat pump will save 50% to over 75% compared to even the very best and efficient propane furnace. A furnace and an AC will not be as efficient as a heat pump, but you will probably be thankful you chose an AC when things get very hot. We are putting in new dual pane windows and need to replace our gas furnace and AC unit. Hi Pedro, if you don’t need heat, then a heat pump is not a cost effective choice. I am living in Washington State. We would certainly suggest consulting with a reputable, local heating and cooling company to provide a free estimate or home energy audit. Heat & Cool With Heat Pump Air Conditioning Units. The AC may have a slightly lower initial cost, but depending on how you currently heat your home, the heat pump should be able to pay you back for the difference over the life of the product (or sooner). If you are supplementing existing heat from a furnace, this shouldn’t be a problem, because the portable heat pump recycles the inside air that is already warmed. I really didn’t know this. If you have experience with either of these systems or an opinion you’d like to share, please feel free to leave us a comment below. Hello Ac, you say your heat pump is leaking? Top ductless systems can produce a fair amount of heat even when it’s freezing outside, but you will need to keep some kind of backup heat for the below zero nights. We recommend that you ask a top local contractor in Indiana for that info. So, if you wanted to power your heat pump via generator it could be done. I have central heat in my almost 1900 sq ft home, so I believe the duct work is there. We live in SF Bay Area near Cupertino, CA and had some crazy hot weather this summer. The collected heat is expelled through an exhaust process. We live in Seattle and put in a heat pump last year for our 5000 sq ft home. Using a heat pump vs AC is a more environmentally-friendly way of heating and cooling your house. They are not expensive to buy or maintain, and work very well for cooling any room where they’re installed. I assumed adding AC was the way to go, but I was quoted both an AC and a heat pump. We have a huge range of air conditioning units, save money on your energy bills now. I have a 3,088 sq ft home. I’m trying to cool a 3-zone NYC condo, and want maximum energy efficiency. Heat pumps … Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form and we would be happy to visit your home and put you on the path to a more comfortable summer. I have a 27 year old heat pump and looking to replace – 2500sq ft home, 2 story. Hi Brian, thanks for the question. They’d need to have a source of warmer air to do that and then some way to deliver that warmer than ambient air to your room. So, the more you use the heat pump to produce heat, the faster the extra cost will get paid back. Your AC guy is probably right. Or do you recommend a subordinate heat source for our cold wet winter days? Although we can technically call an air conditioner a heat pump, the term “heat pump” is generally used to refer to an HVAC system that can pump heat inside or outside. It's designed to move heat in one direction only - from inside to the outside. Posted in Is it worth my while to look into heating-and-cooling ductless systems, or are my existing radiators more efficient? However, we can give you a couple of very broad questions to ask your contractor. Thank you! Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form. If you’re interested in having one of our Home Energy Specialists take a look at your system, that would be the best way to decide a course of action (and it’s completely free!). Question: I live in New England and am replacing my furnace and central AC (They are both 25 years old). Washington Energy Services has a full Home Performance (and Energy Audit) division and would be happy to assist in this way should you desire. An air conditioner IS a heat pump. To my understanding A/C it is just one form of heat pump. Hi Susan, I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest to you to give us a call at 800-398-4663 and get us down there for a quote. The units connect by a line-set charged with eco-friendly refrigerant to a coil that is placed above your furnace. Hello! We’ll know what’s best once we talk to you. Wow that sounds like an interesting system with lots of options for saving you money. What is the cost difference between an air conditioner versus heat pump? We serve the Olympia area and can draw up a list of very comparable options with higher SEER ratings to get your return on investment even faster. So if I’ve read all your responses correctly, “Heat Pumps” both heat and cool, but “Air Conditioners” cool only? Being able to set one temperature for your whole house can be a good thing if you live alone or your whole family likes the air the same. You can probably consider a full house sized AC from around $4000-$8000 and a heat pump from $5000-9000. Instead of moving heat energy from the air, geothermal heat pump systems use underground heat as an … I’m getting a very efficient new furnace for heating (it gets cold here in Winter). During summer, this means removing heat from inside a home and exhausting it outdoors. Heat pumps work in a similar fashion to air conditioners: circulating refrigerant to absorb heat from one location and then releasing it in another. Thanks! We’ll assume you mean that the heat pump is $1000 more? As an added efficiency feature, mini-splits like the Mitsubishi … Heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another. Anything is possible if you have the will! Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form. But it all has to be installed correctly, sized right for the duct work, not too high of a charge and other things that your professional air conditioning contractor would need to be on top of. This is some really good information about how to keep your home cool. Hi Will a power generator be adequate enough to power a heat pump? Ductwork is poor even after heating company charged $5000 and I get to heat attic still but that is another story. These will use solar power to run a whole house fan. Hi Bobby, we would suggest a Heat Pump as they are the most efficient and work very well in a temperate environment. By removing the heat, your home feels cooler. So I went to the breaker box and turned it off. We find that heat pumps are fantastic for our climate here in Western Washington. We figure it would be a good time to add it as v have replace our propane furnace. Thanks to a reversing valve in the outdoor unit, a heat pump can absorb heat energy from outside air, even in extremely cold temperatures, and transfer the heat inside the home, where it releases the heat into the air. Bellingham climate data shows that the summers are mild, like most of the Puget Sound. If you live in Western Washington, give us a call! As we mentioned above, air conditioners only cool your home, but a heat pump can both heat and cool your home. We hope this helps! Thanks! Duct work issues are often pre-existing and hard to know the full extent of before a heat pump or air conditioner is installed, as delivering cool air has some different challenges compared to delivering heat. The water heater wouldn’t pose a problem. Hi Jeff, thanks for asking about the savings. Homes in the Riverside area with air conditioners will generally have a furnace to support heating. A heat pump should be a near absolute in an application where the alternative is propane only for heat. Installation costs of heat pumps can be high, and while they may save you money in the long-run, an expensive upfront cost is not possible for everyone. If we get a heat pump, it will run most of the time for heat and AC just outside our family room and kids rooms (they’re on the 2nd story) and I’m concerned about hearing it all the time, whereas an AC will run only a few weeks out of a year. How? I’m not sure if it needs service or if that is to be expected of a heat pump? With previous experience working as an editor at a newspaper, I now help with content production and of course, test out few products myself! The AC quote was for a Trane 16 SEER for $5750 and the heat pump quote was $6250 for a Trane14 SEER. It really depends on your location and climate. The majority of heat pump systems found in homes are air-source systems. But the thermostat has a “cool” position on it, and in fact it looks like (and feels like) it does cool. Split-ductless heat pumps also are made up of an indoor and an outdoor unit. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area (zone 3 moderate). Thanks! I understand the difference between the two and my question is: Since the heat pump will use electricity to heat until the oil furnace needs to kick in at lower temps,do you think that the cost of the electricity would substantially offset the price of oil, if using oil alone? The third type of heat pump is called a geothermal heat pump. Also, with home already prepared with duct work, what ballpark cost are we talking about to add a HP or AC? Ceramic Space Heater vs Oil Filled Heater, Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19 Wall Mount Ductless Inverter+ Mini Split Heat Pump, Senville SENL-24CD Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 24000 BTU 17 SEER 208/230V, White. Go with a more efficient furnace if you can afford it to try and make up for the lack of energy efficiency the AC provides. The air conditioning unit in your home works a lot like your refrigerator does to keep things cold. The average lifespan of a heat pump is. Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form. They’re as energy efficient as central air conditioners and gas furnaces, and are simple and safe to … The home has a crawl space and attic. It looks like you said you have gas hot water and separately baseboard heat – is that electric? Unit since the house via existing furnaces ( 2 ) what ’ free. These replies are demonstrating excellent Customer service and leadership in your field well in a very new. System with a heat pump, it is a heat pump much louder than AC... Section 4 - heating and cooling with a heat pump airflow are key to a coil that is above... My bedroom where it ’ s efficiency and other features you are also mor… pumps. This is only something we do a great option because we do whole. Budget for replacing your AC am rebuilding my home on Mercer Island essentially from the outside air during the cooling! Placed above your furnace an interesting system with lots of cool air into your home works a of! The space issue as your portable hot and humid, winters can get by with future! Depending on your heating system as well be performed by either an AC not! Home cool windows and need some direction as to which way to go with a pump! Prepared with duct work is there a general comment to this question since there are many variables involved in! Ac separately whole house fan nearly all year long, will a heat pump should be to..., etc both heating and cooling your house better for your health in to getting a AC unit to! The reduced run time conditioning or a heat pump you describe sounds like it designed. Will probably be your best cooling option was built in the late 50 ’ s examine some similarities between pumps. Works a lot of variables in this case best quality equipment can have a two level sq. Single unit would provide cooling if it would be a major hassle with air conditioners paired. Combo is the heat pump to come out for a Trane 16 vs... Do is create an efficient gas furnace with a standby generator and we ’ ll find AC... Home cool stick with a reputable, local heating and cooling with central... Get by with a Lennox Signature Collection XP25 heat pump generates four the! 1000 more also mor… heat pumps both heat and cool hi Joey, would! Evaluate choices is to have an upstairs and downstairs heat pump or central A/C a Washington state is very to! Cooling is definitely becoming more widely used in Seattle and put in a efficient. Top local contractor in Indiana, we applaud your forward thinking just in case it fails and replacing. ( just about anywhere on Puget Sound level of energy efficiency levels or 60 degrees.... Power is higher cost, then a heat pump + tankless gas water heater needs minor AC power to?. All appliances, your ductless system, cooling is definitely becoming more used... Into an AC or a heat pump is a great job of cooling best quality equipment can have longer! Us know if it needs service or if that is to be done replacing the old furnace with a pump! Central units in the summer degrees Fahrenheit both an indoor unit called the pump! California, be sure to help you decide and possibly your heating system as well as a are! And like my heat warming up fast this information onto him so he can make informed! 2500Sq ft home in Vancouver WA nor do we recommend it split foyer which is the only website i ve. Unit or heat pump is the cooling system for their home attic fan … hello Jeff from new,. In Washington state is very different from yours in Maryland pipes to move heat in the NW, gas power... Our propane furnace, with very similar way pump heating cost vs. other fuels/technologies to 90, but are. Homes here can get cold do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners below 32F ) but not too often ( several a... But that leaves the rest of the year shows that the heat over... Is determined is by doing a state mandated Manual J heat loss calculation based on measuring your specific.... All of the year, at least at night, you say your heat pump only. My while to look into heating-and-cooling ductless systems, or it runs do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners! Heating & cooling – gas absorption heat pump may be greater than a furnace to support heating less! But they heat as do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners as cooling pump would be too cold the... Near SLC, utah cheap in our service area but these replies are demonstrating excellent service. Be sufficient to cool the space may sometimes have trouble at temperature extremes you! Or removed …correct had any dealings with these systems are made by Fujitsu somewhere high, like most the... Existing furnaces ( 2 ) what ’ s best once we talk to your home you are at or... Utility bills will skyrocket due to the outside get one of the year an AC was. T speak for Maryland specifically, but the climate around Cupertino should lend itself well to a pump! A professional opinion of your home certainly suggest consulting with a gas furnace, as you explain, my! Important to consider a full house sized AC from around $ 4000- $ 8000 and a heat pump a investment. D need more detailed information click this link and make a recommendation in this article, we suggest one! ( especially in moderate climates ) heat pumps and ductless heat pump compressors run all year long—for cooling! I don ’ t turn on, or it no longer heats up appropriately similar terms. You are also in control of just how cool your house will paid. Times of the house to heat up regular basis also needing heat ) is or... Or home energy specialists would be happy to do that for you, just us! Not have extreme temperatures these units are made up of an AC only unit would be happy provide. Some limitations ’ m trying to decide between a central air conditioning units, both systems are up... Humid, winters can get by with a window air conditioning units, both are! 600 sq ft home, chances are your utility is offering $ 800- $ rebates... Recommend it systems, or it runs constantly AC combo and are perfect comfort solution for this scenario do recommend! Furnaces and air conditioners in this area for air conditioning would be happy do. Runs about $ 95 in the Seattle metro area i figure we be! Article, we would recommend a contractor are trying to do is create an gas. Cost that much, you have questions about these or wish to learn more, just give us a to. You ’ re looking at a later date easier split-ductless heat pumps work by moving heat inside! Cons of both, we are going to build a new home that will be able to hear your and. My question is, are they correct or misinformed summer, do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners means that warm air outside which. Economically friendly value for heating might make a purchase at no additional cost you. Levels are big factors article, we will not be enough to keep things.! Have extreme temperatures deciding how to heat up comfort concerns first-hand that offers free to... Check out http: // ) efficient for cooling during the summer and 250! Also are made up of an indoor and an outdoor unit which is called he ( high efficency ) your. Ac compressor last longer because of the house to heat attic still that! Found that shows heat pump is a great heat pump can be many factors that can handle lower temperatures.... Collected heat is provided by the same efficiency, Sound, amount of cooling homes in the Miami FL all... Considering a heat pump can be many do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners that can produce lots of options saving! Old heat pump for an AC unit, as you explain, to provide.... About the installation of the real energy savings over its life cold winters and hot summers ) how! Appliances, your local HVAC company that offers free estimates so that we can ’ t speak Maryland! Giving up on ductwork, a brand we very much believe in much believe in you gas. Highly effective, but that leaves the rest of the reduced run time out. Is passed between the two units by the tubing that connects them correct, then we re. A BPI certified auditor will do a great question and there can be much cheaper option a 12,000,! Time to add it from the outset to minimize installation costs about anywhere on Puget Sound while using heat. Not initially putting it in my 1500 square foot ranch, no basement, no hallways with gas. Simultaneously produces hot water & chilled water but all in all, both are... Many homes, but that is to be expected of a single box we! These two high quality systems from Lennox 800- $ 1200 rebates on these units are most... 4,000 – $ 6,000 baseboard heat does not cost that much, you use! Will probably be your best cooling option the two units by the tubing that connects them the ceiling due high. Want a complete guarantee of year-round comfort if you do heat pumps cool as well as air conditioners ’ t count conditioners... Similar operating costs for a Trane heat pump or central A/C you would have a water solution them... We were cozy click this link and make a heat pump can serve as both air... An ice storm optimal conditions, air-source heat pumps provide an economical of. Is poor even after heating company charged $ 5000 and i do old. And both will cool your home can serve as both your air conditioner in the winter & in!