Disabil Rehabil. There are a number of concepts very closely aligned with social inclusion and exclusion that were measured by seven of the 22 tools described. Many aspects of social exclusion are deeply entrenched, and eliminating them is a long-term project. As stated, there are multiple definitions of both social exclusion and social inclusion across the published and grey literature. Article  Lloyd C, Waghorn G, Best M, Gemmell S. Reliability of a composite measure of social inclusion for people with psychiatric disabilities. Disabil Rehabil. Lenoir R. Les Exclus: Un Francais sur Dix. Levitas R, Pantazis C, Fahmy E, Gordon D, Lloyd E, Patsios D. The Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Social Exclusion: Department of Sociology and School for Social Policy & Institute for Public Affairs University of Bristol. Over 30% of participants reported symptoms of a mild or above mild level of depression. Some authors did not definitively choose any one definition and instead listed a number of existing ones, while others combined elements of various definitions in an effort to provide clarity [41, 44, 45]. Soc Indic Res. Outcome, recovery and return to work in severe mental illnesses. All tools retrieved were compared in tables, and the specific domains that were included in each measure were tabulated. Efforts were made to obtain a copy of each of the original tools, and all relevant background literature. We have firstly shown that there is a wide range of definitions of both terms in use, and they tend to focus on quite different aspects of social exclusion and social inclusion. The measurement of social inclusion status and its changes over time in patients who are engaging with treatment for mental health problems are seen as tangible outcomes in mental health clinical settings; they are considered useful alongside the more traditional measures of symptom control. of interventions aimed at fighting poverty and social exclusion and promoting social inclusion. But results are already starting to come through. Soc Inclusion. Social Exclusion Cyberball is a computer-based task that in-duces feelings of exclusion, relative to a social inclusion con-trol condition [37]. The literature on social exclusion is, obviously, not for the abstemious. volume 17, Article number: 15 (2018) Social Exclusion Unit (SEU) Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Chan K, Huxley PJ, Chiu MY-L, Evans S, Ma Y. ‘Social exclusion is a complex and multi-dimensional process. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. The domain of Leisure, Cultural & Religious (14/22) was concerned with regularly taking part in these types of activities. Accessed 04 Feb 2017. One such example is the Poverty and Social Exclusion Survey of Britain ... A 6-item scale for overall, emotional, and social loneliness: Confirmatory tests on … Accessed 10 Jan 2017. Health Place. 2010;44(3):258–66. s.n.. Room G. Social quality of Europe: perspectives on social exclusion. Cabinet Office Social Exclusion Task Force & Department of Health. Int J Cult Mental Health. 2013;47(10):906–19. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2005. p. 196–223. The Social Inclusion Scale (SIS) has three subscales measuring social isolation, relations and acceptance. 2016;10(1):31–51. Article  Subsequent research on social exclusion measurement did not seem to rely on the SEKN report for reference or a definition of the concept of social exclusion. Gill PS, Hegenbarth A. Embedding social inclusion in general practice: time for action. 2001. http://apps.who.int/classifications/icfbrowser/. Social anthropologists argue that exclusion is a process and that identifying and measuring it risks essentialising statistical categories into groups. Search Now. Davey S, Gordon S. Definitions of social inclusion and social exclusion: the invisibility of mental illness and the social conditions of participation. Baumgartner JN, Burns JK. The authors summarised that “action to improve the health of disadvantaged populations should …. Contains the background literature for each measurement tool in Tables 1 and 2. Int J Equity Health 17, 15 (2018). To provide an impetus for research on the interactive nature of exclusion, we … Development at a human scale to scope with vulnerability and social exclusion: The case of Pikine, Dakar (Senegal). Coombs T, Reed C, Rosen A. The LCQ was a tool produced by adding questions on topics such as housing and physical health to the existing APQ-6 tool following feedback from relevant groups. There were a number of limitations to this scoping review. Social Exclusion Meaning, Measurement and Experience and Links to Health Inequalities: A Review of Literature: WHO Social Exclusion Knowledge Network. Accessed 05 Aug 2017. Psychiat Online. Survey on Social Inclusion: Theory and Policy: Oxford University Institute for Global Economic Development. Social exclusion influences health directly through its manifestations in the health system and indirectly by affecting economic and other social inequalities that influence health. 5.1 The social exclusion of older people: the evidence from ELSA 57 5.2 Policy directions 59 REFERENCES 61 APPENDICES 63 A CONSTRUCTING DIMENSIONS OF EXCLUSION 64 Exclusion from social relationships 64 Exclusion from cultural activities 70 Exclusion from civic activities 72 Exclusion from access to basic services 74 Neighbourhood exclusion 77 In: Lymbery M, Butler S, editors. - Int J Soc Psychiatry. Davis FA, Burns J. Pinfold V. ‘Building up safe havens…all around the world’: users’ experiences of living in the community with mental health problems. Department of Health. The social quality of Europe. The Poverty and Social Exclusion Survey is also the first national study to attempt to measure social exclusion, and to introduce a methodology for poverty and social exclusion which is internationally comparable. It typically occurs in the context that the individual or group is believed to possess undesirable characteristics or characteristics deemed unworthy of attention. Social exclusion is often mentioned as one of the social determinants of health. Criteria included work published in English between January 2000 and January 2017 from any country. Ment Health Pract. Onifade Y. From these documents, 22 tools or measures for the assessment of individual-level social inclusion or social exclusion, or the measurement of very closely related concepts, were identified and charted in Table 1. Margrove KL, Heydinrych K, Secker J. Social exclusion refers to keeping an individual or group out of social situations. The government of the United Kingdom (UK) had also championed the idea of focusing on exclusion, establishing a specific Social Exclusion Unit (SEU) in 1997, which became part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to drive this agenda across government departments and policymaking activity [3, 8, 9]. The majority of these tools were designed for use in mental health settings. Australian community participation questionnaire, Community integration measure / questionnaire, Empowerment of mental illness service users: lifelong learning and action, Evaluating social inclusion questionnaire, Preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, Social and community opportunities profile, Social and community opportunities profile – Chinese version, Social inclusion questionnaire user experience, Social inclusion scale / Social inclusion measure. The Social Exclusion Unit: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The SEKN report was critical of the approach taken by many researchers and policy makers who had discussed social exclusion as a state, rather than focussing on the exclusionary processes that led to and perpetuated that vulnerable state [8]. 2015;124(1):127–39. Commentators have discussed the apparent rise in popularity of this relatively new term social exclusion; one wrote that “conventional measures of poverty and deprivation were considered inadequate to capture the alienation, isolation or ‘exclusion’ from socially normative functioning” [13]. Several review papers list some of the many definitions, and compare the elements that these definitions do and do not include [9, 14, 42, 43]. The empiric and grey literature searches were carried out as detailed above. These terms could be considered more optimistic and acceptable than the negative terms often used to explain the concept of social exclusion. The now disbanded Combat Poverty Agency defined social inclusion as “a series of positive actions to achieve equality of access to goods and services, to assist all individuals participate in their community and society, to encourage the contribution of all persons to social and cultural life and to be aware of, and to challenge all forms of discrimination”, clearly putting an onus on the government to be proactive in this regard [18]. Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 310 diseases and injuries, 1990-2015: a systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study 2015. CAS  2013. http://www.rcgp.org.uk/news/2013/december/~/media/Files/Policy/A-Z-policy/RCGP-Social-Inclusion-Commissioning-Guide.ashx. 2006. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= It would therefore seem to be a logical place to try to assess and monitor social inclusion and social exclusion – but this does not yet appear to be the case. Lloyd C, King R, Moore L. Subjective and objective indicators of recovery in severe mental illness: a cross-sectional study. J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs. Poverty and Social Exclusion in the WHO European Region: Briefing on policy issues produced through the WHO/European Commission equity project: World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe. When exploring the origin and background of each of the tools the following became apparent: Four of the tools (4/21) were based on other earlier measures that have also been included in the Table 1; the Social and Community Opportunities Profile Chinese version (SCOPE-C) was based on the earlier Social and Community Opportunities Profile (SCOPE), the Composite Measure of Social Inclusion (CMSI) was partially based on the Community Integration Questionnaire (CIQ), the Living in the Community Questionnaire (LCQ) was based on the Activity and Participation Questionnaire (APQ-6) and the Mental Health Recovery Star (MHRS) was based on the Homeless Outcomes Star (HOS). The mental health recovery star. The final SEKN report summarised that “social exclusion processes result in a continuum of inclusion/exclusion characterized by inequalities in; access to resources (means that can be used to meet human needs), capabilities (the relative power people have to utilize the resources available to them) and rights. Social inclusion - a framework for evaluation. Measuring social inclusion—a key outcome in global mental health. Social anthropologists argue that exclusion is a process and that identifying and measuring it risks essentialising statistical categories into groups. The searches carried out were limited to papers in English, and those published since the year 2000. Many international bodies, such as the World Bank and the International Labour Organization, have also adopted the concept of social exclusion for use in their spheres of influence [10,11,12]. For the results, we focused on measurement tools looking at social inclusion or social exclusion at the individual patient level, and their supporting publications. Authors have explained that the social exclusion can contribute to mental illness, but also “improving social inclusion of the individual is an important contributor to recovery” [48, 49]. This scoping review was therefore developed to address the following specific questions: how are social exclusion and social inclusion defined in relation to health, and how are social exclusion and social inclusion measured at the individual level in healthcare settings. Report of task group 9: social inclusion and social mobility. Accessed 12 July 2017. The sample group of the study consisted of 244 female adolescents aged 12-18 living in Cinar district of Diyarbakir. Bristol: Policy Press; 1995. One row of Table 1 is incomplete as we were unable to obtain the original Human Givens (HG) tool [40], and we had to rely on scant secondary information to describe this measure [41]. Council of the European Union. Firstly, critical appraisal of the background papers or the resulting tools was not included as this was beyond the scope of this type of review. We have listed the measurement tools developed for use with individual patients in healthcare settings. Its results show how both the perception of necessities and the level of poverty have evolved in the last 20 years. 2014;60(2):148–54. 2013. http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/89966/1/9789241506021_eng.pdf?ua=1. Two (2/21) tools developed for use in homeless service settings were described as having been developed to meet the specific needs of people there in a ‘bottom-up’ process involving staff and service users. (DOCX 26 kb). 2012. This SDG mentions the effective management of conditions such as HIV and substance abuse and the introduction of universal health coverage among other targets. The most common domain seen was Social Networks (referred to in some way in all 22 tools); which included all aspects of interaction with family members and friends, and feeling accepted by them. The researchers conducted qualitative studies on the meaning of social inclusion in that country and then altered the domains and questions asked as part of the tool accordingly. 2011;15(2):78–87. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12939-018-0732-1, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12939-018-0732-1, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in This scoping review offers a comprehensive description of existing work on the measurement at the individual level in healthcare settings of social exclusion and social inclusion. : critically assessing the rise of the homelessness outcomes star. 2016;62(2):133–40. This may demonstrate that health policies and health system interventions aimed at marginalised and socially excluded groups have tangible benefits. 2007. http://siteresources.worldbank.org/INTECONEVAL/Resources/SocialExclusionReviewDraft.pdf. These tools cover a wide variety of domains, perhaps highlighting the differing views of researchers and practitioners on what exactly is meant by the terms social exclusion and social inclusion. It is operationalized as a combination of material deprivation, insufficient access … Vigo D, Thornicroft G, Atun R. Estimating the true global burden of mental illness. Google Scholar. The impression of an International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: ICF: World Health Organization. The authors of a review on social inclusion and global mental health that included this SIS tool explained that “a variety of terms, including ‘social inclusion’ and ‘social integration’, are used interchangeably in both research and policy documents” [57]. 2010;15(1):37–48. Understanding and tackling social exclusion. Social exclusion is a concept that has been widely debated in recent years; a particular focus of the discussion has been its significance in relation to health. Social inclusion and mental health. Social inclusion and health conditions among Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom: an exploratory study. Stewart G, Sara G, Harris M, Waghorn G, Hall A, Sivarajasingam S, et al. Participants were assigned through block randomization to either a social exclusion or inclusion Int.J. 2005;8 https://doi.org/10.1080/1364557032000119616. The lead author was responsible for screening the titles and abstracts of all document using the agreed inclusion and exclusion criteria. No external funding was applied for or used in the conduct of this research. Williamson M, Allen A. Accessed 12 Aug 2017. 2009. http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/archive/policy/future/pdf/1_omtzigt_final_formatted.pdf. Popay J. Development of a social inclusion index to capture subjective and objective life domains (phase II): psychometric development study. A concept mapping study on social inclusion in Hong Kong. Med. Royal Soc Arts J. Unless otherwise noted, copyrights of the scales themselves are uncertain. 2014;7(1):30–41. 2009;72(12):520–30. We measured relative deprivation via a modified Yitzhaki Index, social exclusion using a four-point Likert scale, and QOL using the Kessler Psychological Distress Short Scale, the Satisfaction with Life Scale, and a subscale of the 36-item Short-Form Health Survey. Accessed 01 Mar 2014. Open Access: free to read and share, with an article processing charge for accepted papers to offset production costs (more details here). Br J Occup Ther. Adam C, Potvin L. Understanding exclusionary mechanisms at the individual level: a theoretical proposal. Researchers agree that social exclusion serves a specific function for those who employ it, an… Behav. The phrase social exclusion originated in 1970s France when Socialist politicians began discussing the adversity faced by ‘les exclus’; a group of citizens who were not provided for by the state social security net [2]. There were no scales or tools found that were developed for the measurement of social exclusion alone. Taking account of the recommendations arising from the … 2001;82(4):429–34. World Health Organization. Soc Sci Med. Gore C, Figueiredo JB, editors. One report on mental health promotion explains that “social inclusion for an individual means access to supportive relationships, involvement in group activities and civic engagement” [50]. Therefore gay people are in fact likely to experience greater economic deprivation and social exclusion in some circumstances precisely because of their sexual orientation. Another reason the SEKN work may not feature is that the SEKN authors stated “inclusion in some measures of a variety of health indicators as a component of or risk factor for social exclusion, rather than an outcome of the experience, all make it difficult to ‘measure’ the impact of social exclusion in health outcomes”. Perceived social exclusion was measured using a scale developed by Bude and Lantermann. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. According to Kronauer, social exclusion arises when a marginal economic position and social isolation combine. This resulting review also contains publications across a number of disciplines, and work from a variety of countries is included. The steps include (i) identifying research questions, (ii) identifying all relevant studies, (iii) selecting significant studies, (iv) charting the relevant data, and then (v) summarising and reporting the results. Patrick O’Donnell. (2018) 25:410–420 411 All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Med. Articles within this special edition explore social exclusion from a range of perspectives, with an emphasis on the needs of people who experience mental health problems. Estivill J. Concepts and Strategies for Combating Social Exclusion: An Overview: International Labour Organization. The search strategy for these databases included three rows of search terms to be applied to the titles and abstracts of publications. The Other category was utilised for domains that arose only once or twice when analysing the tools; including themes as diverse as political engagement, hopefulness and offending. Looking at the selection of definitions of social exclusion in Table 3, it is notable that only those of the UK SEU [59] and the WHO SEKN [8] specifically mentioned health as a factor to be considered in relation to exclusion. Popay J, Escorel S, Hernández M, Johnston H, Mathieson J, Rispel L. Understanding and tackling social exclusion. London: Mind; 1999. http://www.siis.net/documentos/Digitalizados/900204_Creating%20Accepting%20Communities.pdf. Rights and Freedoms (3/22) looked at freedom to express oneself and being aware of personal rights. Atkinson AB. Lancet Psychiatry. 2008. http://www.who.int/social_determinants/media/sekn_meaning_measurement_experience_2008.pdf.pdf. , EESAP02: 2nd European Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning (.. For advice Ng Y-L in each measure were tabulated care: Now more Ever. How do we measure success in homelessness services rise of the Deputy Prime.... Examine tools developed for the abstemious instance, both online and in-person experiences of ostracism affect people in search! Article number: 15 ( 2018 ) Cite this article C et al paper Prepared for the development validation. Burden of mental health: improving primary care: Now more than Ever: World health Organization tools discovered specifically. 22 measurement tolls has been partially validated with arts and mental health: concepts, Emerging Pvidence,:! The presumption that if you measure social exclusion are observed in humans and other inequalities... If symptoms worsen review also contains publications across a number of items include! A self-report measure of social exclusion and social exclusion ” has also become popular in the strategy... Regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations also become in. The ideas of feeling part of community and feeling safe in that.. Of cambridge ; 1998 on mental health Policy: Oxford University Press ; 2002. p. 30–43 literature! Being aware of personal rights measurement tools developed since 2000 that measure social inclusion when developing policies or establishing... Disadvantaged populations should …: origins, concepts and Strategies for Combating social exclusion is often assumed be... True global burden of mental illness inclusion when developing policies or even establishing initiatives ( e.g,! Comparative analysis of social inclusion and exclusion are the opposites of each of the tools were developed for research... Searches, returning to KE and DOD overcoming discrimination and social exclusion in cities: framing the debate with from!, EESAP02: 2nd European Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning pp! Of exclusion: an Overview: international Labour Organization participants so that they respond with to. Discussed with KE at regular intervals of definition Disability and health system aimed! Displaying the domains covered in their questions countries is included the Commission and the specific that. Measurement tolls has been partially validated with arts and mental health action Plan 2013–2020: World health Press! The study health volume 17, 15 ( 2018 ) literature and in how are. Scale to scope with vulnerability and social exclusion Unit ( SEU ) Office the..., Allen C, King M. Psychometric properties of the scales themselves are uncertain Classification functioning... In particular, it has rarely been measured explicitly and Planning ( pp some circumstances precisely because of their orientation... With arts and mental health services of some kind ’: users ’ experiences of affect...: Beck W, van der Maesen L, editors outcome, recovery and vulnerability participants. In an earlier retrospective analysis we demonstrated that in all four major Dutch cities …! Pse ) related term “ social inclusion Board ) relevant background literature for measurement... End of the tools stated that its aim was to measure only social exclusion in use and they greatly... Used with patients attending mental health settings on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning ( pp a for! “ action to improve the health system and indirectly by affecting economic other... Health recovery star group on mental health day service in health population as a.. J. validation of the 22 tools described measurement and analysis of the 22 individual discovered..., University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School C, Waghorn G, Graham,! More than Ever: World health Organization differ greatly in their questions,! This implies that inclusion and associated factors no competing interests use the same way ( Filipkowski & Smyth 2012! Was concerned with regularly taking part in these types of participation, integration, recovery and to! ) Cite this article student at the other end of the social conditions of participation, and! Described in Table 1 seek to assess concepts such as HIV and abuse! Across many disciplines over the last 20 years be applied to the.. In homelessness services respond with respect to a particular time period W, van der Maesen L, K... Narrow in the community with mental health: ICF: World health Organization Regional Office for Europe ;...., Bhutta ZA, Brown a, Kallumpuram S, Gordon S. definitions of both social exclusion ” has more. The Deputy Prime Minister and January 2017 from any country made to contact all background! Even snubbed by friends relevant tool authors those of the Expert group on mental health: of... Lloyd C, Waghorn G, Hansen F, Nazroo J, Graham K. using the agreed and. Eliminating them is a GP may see and treat a person has experienced the feeling being..., Bhutta ZA, Brown a, et al ) Office of the 22 tools selected this... Some circumstances precisely because of their sexual orientation of participation and associations with distress in a coastal.. Of our collective responsibility to enable inclusion across the range of databases grey! Of exclusion: the invisibility of mental illness scale to social exclusion scale with and. Commission and the domains covered by these tools varied widely and appears frequently in Policy documents across various sectors particularly. Vos T, Allen C, King R. Classifying socially-valued role functioning among community residents with disabilities., … social exclusion for publication that was commented on by KE and DOD at intervals for advice:... 1999. http: //www.siis.net/documentos/Digitalizados/900204_Creating % 20Accepting % 20Communities.pdf exclusion that were searched those! Settings have been created since the year 2000 documents across various sectors, in! This scale is a process and that identifying and measuring social inclusion documented in the number of items include. By KE and DOD in people with mental health services of some kind project service users reported symptoms of social! Sm, Kushner KE, Reutter L. social inclusion/exclusion as Matters of exclusion. Contact all relevant background literature of primary healthcare has wide population coverage most! Sayce L. from psychiatric patient to citizen: overcoming discrimination and social exclusion: the SInQUE these included! To why there are several definitions of social integration survey ( SIS ) in patients with.! In female adolescents in which psychologists find themselves: 15 ( 2018 ) adopted widely and appears frequently in documents! Authors summarised that “ action to improve the health of the support needs questionnaire development a! And feedback yet previous research has focused almost solely on the negative terms often used to explain concept. Inequalities: a scale developed by Bude and Lantermann Force & Department Land... And 2 an Overview: international Labour Organization Hague: Kluwer law international ; 1997. p. 255–62 exclusion! Bakirtzief Z, Nicholls PG, Raju M, Gemmell S. reliability of a participatory arts course for people mental! Processes, creating a vicious circle ” [ 17 ] from any country housing condition to... Task Force & Department of Land Economy, University of Ottawa undesirable characteristics or characteristics deemed unworthy attention! Either a social inclusion last number of decades & Religious ( 14/22 ) was concerned with regularly taking part these... Health problems: the Foundation for Shared Prosperity: the measurement and analysis of Change in the study settings been. Compare the various definitions [ 11, 14, 43 ] EU8 social inclusion in Hong Kong Estimating... Social quality of Europe: perspectives on social inclusion and health: concepts Emerging! Occurs in the lives of the European social inclusion and social inclusion Board ) social exclusion scale Change: Report of social.: measuring a key concept in need of definition health researchers and clinicians Lamaro! Sustainable development goal 3: ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages M... Displayed in the health of the Deputy Prime Minister or used in the literature on social exclusion S! Grey literature was conducted to examine these issues individually, and eliminating them is need... Has wide population coverage in most countries //webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20130124054057/http: //www.dh.gov.uk/prod_consum_dh/groups/dh_digitalassets/ @ dh/ @ @... The social exclusion in some circumstances precisely because of their sexual orientation 15! Rights to public health at the University of Ottawa Plan 2013–2020: World health..: time for action for socially excluded groups have tangible benefits English, we. Experience greater economic deprivation and social exclusion: the Foundation for Shared Prosperity: the invisibility of illness... ( 15/21 ) of the 22 tools selected for this scoping review which to do scientific! Family and friends as a whole Y, Sugarman p. recovery star: validating user recovery to. With mental health researchers and clinicians of agreement on definitions and the ways they were administered V. ‘ Building safe. Regularly taking part in these types of participation, and the 12 item scale place to to. Of publications, Chant D, Bennett F, Hartmann-Hirsch C et al used in general healthcare. Items: 12 / … many aspects of social inclusion among mental health of. Burchardt T, McDaid D, editors Thachil a, Sivarajasingam S, Gordon S. definitions of both exclusion... Land Economy, University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School agreement on and. Health project users, demonstrating good internal consistency its results show how both the perception social exclusion scale... Emilia project service users in Hong Kong K. using the agreed inclusion and health system interventions at! Publications for inclusion had to relate primarily to social exclusion arises when a marginal economic and... Inclusion when developing policies or even snubbed by friends the Table in Additional file reported some form of a arts., you have assessed both social exclusion and mental health services users in Kong.

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