Make sure that you double check your mental health nursing personal statement for jobs before sending it along with your application. In the future, I plan to work for the NHS as a mental health nurse in order to better the health care and treatment for patients. This, coupled with the ambition and determination that has always seen me perform well in each academic challenge I have set myself, ensures that I will continue to work to the same high standard at undergraduate level and beyond. Do I need to retake all my A Levels for a chance at law at an RG uni? Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit. Mental health nurses aim to care for members of society with mental health conditions in addition to supporting their families or carers to secure a positive life experience for the people who do suffer with a mental disorder. Your mental health nursing personal statement is your opportunity to communicate with the reader and convince them that you have considered the job and all it entails. Official Cambridge 2021 Applicants thread Mk II, Official LSE Postgraduate Applicants 2021 Thread, London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College London Applicants 2021 Thread, Durham University 2021 Applicants Chat Thread. Maybe you have developed these skills further when acting in the role of a peer mentor at college, or in a voluntary role at an animal shelter. The personal statement is a written account based on the author’s own achievements. I believe the role of the mental health nurse is to help the patient understand their condition, to reassure and to respond to personal needs with relevant treatment to improve their quality of life. My name is Medie Tonda and I am from Wilmington, MA. (Start typing, we will pick a forum for you), Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, University of Southampton A101 (BM4) 2021 Entry. Use this 100-150 words to provide examples of how you match the job specifications, and show your desire for this nursing vacancy. My personal reason for applying to university to study mental health nursing is that I endured multiple mental disorders since childhood; this had a huge impact on my education, social abilities and emotional health. Please choose where you want to post your question. … Statistics show that 1 in 4 people in the United Kingdom will endure a mental health problem at some time within their life, resulting in members of society requiring assistance with their mental Health. MrSoloDolo, Started by: I have written a comedic article for my college magazine as well. Although undoubtedly rewarding, nursing can also be tough, so an employer wants to know that you are enthusiastic about it for the right reasons. My caring and compassionate qualities also come to the fore in my personal life. I went through behaviourist, psychodynamic, cognitive and humanistic therapeutic approaches which gave me a fantastic learning experience into managing, not only my own mental health but other peoples who have suffered mental … I have always been inspired by the idea of being a positive role model in my community and have dedicated many of my studies thus far to gaining the skills necessary to teach. You may be asked to write a Supporting Statement, in which you'll have to demonstrate that you meet the desired criteria, and essentially show the employer why you'd be the best person for the job. You have to be able to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. E.g. Notnek, Started by: ultomato, Started by: Personal Statement for Mental Health Nursing Provided Quickly Online. N.I.C.E. xsowmix. You may also be asked to write a supporting statement. Sample Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement. Show that you are committed to nursing. Some nursing jobs may require you to write a personal statement. My personal reason for applying to university to study mental health nursing is that I endured multiple mental disorders since childhood; this had a huge impact on my education, social abilities and emotional health. You can personalise what you see on TSR. I went through behaviourist, psychodynamic, cognitive and humanistic therapeutic approaches which gave me a fantastic learning experience into managing, not only my own mental health but other peoples who have suffered mental disorders such as dementia, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression during my volunteer work and work experiences. Is there a website that will do my math homework for me. As a classroom teacher I was required to establish good working relationships both with the students and my colleagues; as well as planning and delivering lessons and completing relevant admin. 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My ambition to study for a degree in Mental Health Nursing and to make my career in this field has developed out of my own experience of working in the caring profession and helping to solve the problems of patients suffering from a variety of mental disabilities. Have you experienced financial difficulties as a student due to Covid-19? Writing your personal statement: Your personal statement is your opportunity to stand out and shine. mollyhowarth, Started by: I know that studying Mental Health Nursing at university will be challenging because health care professionals must have the ability to make decisions, show compassion and support the diverse needs of individuals in their care. Mental Health Nursing is a challenging career, but this is counterbalanced by the sense of reward gained when helping someone to overcome their difficulties and to become a valuable part of our community once more. Currently carrying out further work experiences, volunteer work and aiming for a paid job in the care sector in relation to mental health nursing. Service users with dementia may lose the connection between the neurons in the brain resulting in an inability to speak. Please enter what your question is about. Tell stories that illustrate your points instead of … Mental Health Counseling Personal Statement Sample. I aim to continue assisting other people with mental health conditions through studying mental health nursing which would provide me with a wider learning experience and real expertise in this field. 8013, Started by: Mueez Khan, Started by: Official Queen Mary University of London Applicants Thread 2021 Entry, Official Bournemouth University 2021 applicant chat. Lots of them. Navarro Mental Health Services 6/1/2003 to 7/1/2007 Mental Health Nurse London. These duties have fallen to me partially due to my brother and his wife’s careers in nursing. This sort of role, which juggles multiple responsibilities while always prioritising the basic goal of educating and caring for the children, is excellent preparation for a similarly involved role in Mental Health Nursing. I take these responsibilities very seriously and, again, gain a great reward from knowing that I am contributing to the wellbeing of my family. © Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. Article by TSR User on Tuesday 03 January 2017. I want to learn professionally how to manage mental health and learn more of the biological theory behind it, which is why mental health nursing at university is my preferred career option. I have always been driven by a compassionate instinct that motivates me to work in a role that helps people. Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement. Check your grammar. Through working as a nurse I have gained a more in-depth understanding of the different specialisms of the nursing professions and the different branches of our healthcare system, and as a result of this I have becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mental health nursing, … Having gained both counselling and teaching experience, through church and through my previous career, I believe that I have the communication skills and the empathetic mindset to perform well within this role. Checked facility for open windows, locked doors, and other safety hazards. As a result of this, I am now achieving a level 1 certificate in sign language. Official Cambridge Postgraduate Applicants 2021 Thread, lecturers going substantially over time on content. International Students Applying to Lancaster for 2021 Entry!! and Essence of Care initiatives. It is through talking to them about their experiences that I have become convinced that Mental Health Nursing is the right path for me. Within college I was elected to serve in the Student Union, taking part in the organisation of charity events, promoting gender, sexuality, race and religious equality. KCL 2021 Undergraduate Applicants Thread! Mental health Student Nurse October 2014 to Current Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Oxleas Trust - Woolwich, London. Lemur14, Started by: Providing mental health care and treatment for patient who are acutely distress, absconding risk, suicidal or challenging behaviour, and needs a … Your personal statement could be the difference between getting your first nursing job and just missing out, so make sure yours is as good as it can be. It's not being completely unafraid. However, I seek to advance my knowledge and skills to serve the community and my clients better. During this time, I have helped different clientele groups in the health care industry. :). Charted and recorded information in client files. Job application - The application or process where you're required to complete and submit information in order to apply for a job. Started by: Addison wesley goemetry homework help buy resume templates online what person is an argumentative essay written in help with term papers. First aid training can be a requirement at work; therefore I trained in emergency first aid at work so I can provide assistance to people who are injured or ill whilst in a workplace. I would like to study nursing because I feel it will lead me directly to one of the most emotionally fulfilling careers available, as well as giving me the chance combine helping people's mental well being with their physical health. After my degree, I would like to progress into clinical research; I have a huge passion for research since learning about research in sociology and currently I am putting the research methods into practice by carrying out sociolinguistic research for my English Language project. angelxpink, Started by: When writing a personal statement, take care to focus on your accomplishments and the things that set you apart from the crowd. Personal statement for mental health nursing plays a key role in securing the right admission for a student. 4. general practice, nursing home, independent company, etc) who require you to submit a CV and covering letter. Fearless is having doubts. Personal statements give you the chance to showcase what you’re all about and where your talents lie. If you need help with personal statement writing then have a look at this Adult Nursing personal statement example and the other examples on this site. In my own time my X year old daughter takes priority over everything, although throughout my nurse training this has given me the chance to have a healthy balance between work and family. Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement. Your question has now been posted. Personal statement I ... person who is always ready for a challenge and can keep up with the demands of the job. Your message must have two characters or more. I then overcame that problem by using pictures to assist people with dementia to remember their interests, hobbies and family members which I learnt by role playing in Health and Social Care. I work in an NHS hospital and have been a Health Care Assistant for over five years. Awesome! Trusts want to see you are in it for the long run, not just a quick job fix at the time. That inspired me to pursue a career in mental health. In addition to the psychology unit in Health and Social Care; I had to study parts of the nervous system in addition to a range of psychological approaches. Your personal statement should be written in a professional manner as befitting your status. Start with the basics. By showing the reader who you are and your goals for the future, you can stand out from the other candidates and get the positions that best suits you. HoldThisL, Started by: personal statement example. As a mental health nurse, you'll need to: 1. assess and talk to patients about their problems and discuss the best way to plan and deliver their care 2. build relationships with patients to encourage trust, while listening to and interpreting their needs and concerns 3. ensure the correct administration of medication, including injections, and monitor the results of treatment 4. respond to distressed patients in a non-threatening manner and attempt to understand the source of their discomfort 5. help patients manage t… Purchase a dissertation numbering cant bothered do my coursework. Alternatively, you may be applying for jobs with smaller private sector employers, (e.g. Philosopher2020, Started by: Official Oxford 2021 Postgraduate Applicants Thread, University College London Applicants' Thread 2021, DWP Work Coach vacancies July, Sept and Nov 2020, *MEGATHREAD* Medicine 2021 Interviews discussion, The University of Manchester (Mental Health Nursing), The University of Chester (Mental Health Nursing), The University of Southampton (Duel Mental Health & Adult Nursing), De Montfort University (Duel Mental Heath & Adult Nursing), Health and Social Care Btec Cetificate (A2) - A, Started by: Essay writer pay personal statements for mental health nursing jobs personal statements for mental health nursing jobs. I also care for my young niece and nephew, which involves everything from washing and dressing to making sure the oldest one gets to school on time. ecolier, Started by: I have looked after people with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, substance abuse problems and clients with depression. What do you know about the National Health Service (NHS) and what do you understand about the Values Here’s how to show how well you can nurse in a few hundred words … Your personal statement is your first opportunity to impress a possible future employer. Mental Health Nursing Assistant CV Sample/Gary Betic/3 Example Road, Example City/07632 987654321/ Professional Summary With several years worth of experience working in mental healthcare situations, I am a qualified healthcare assistant (HCA) currently working in a secure mental health wing of an NHS hospital. Ari45321, Started by: Examples , 1-30 stephen newall 20 May 2013 applying to uni , nursing personal statement , personal statement , personal statement example Having supplemented this with further research on the internet, I am completely sure that it offers the best fit for my interpersonal communication skills and desire to make a difference within the lives of the vulnerable. Transferring these skills to a placement, I was additionally challenged by working with less able students and those with a range of learning difficulties. Kira96, Started by: Tell us a little about yourself to get started. Don’t forget that the employer doesn’t want to hear that you have completed a range of Personal Statement For Mental Health Nursing 725 Words | 3 Pages. LovelyMrFox, Started by: Tracked client movement on and off the unit by documenting times and destinations of clients. Here, it is clearly indicating, how important it is to have the best personal statement for nursing application while seeking admission in the premier institutes and universities. Try to address the demands of the course: if you’re writing a mental health nursing personal statement, you might want to demonstrate that you can be empathetic and patient. Your statement should also show how committed you are to nursing and your long term goals should incorporate this. While continuing my studies in the UK could have presented challenges, my ability to adopt this same approach during my Postgraduate Diploma in Education also demonstrates that I have the necessary skills and ability to pursue a high level of education within this system. Mental Health Nurse PERSONAL SUMMARY A knowledgeable and enthusiastic registered mental health nurse with hands on experience of working with children, adults and older people suffering from centred care, and committed to National Ser-vice Framework. This mental health nursing admission procedure is mainly dependent over the student submitted personal statement and its contents. It is a mandatory requirement in some institutes in the course of the admissions process. We recommend using this personal profile to promote your strengths, achievements and key skills. Having gained both counselling and teaching experience, through church and through my previous career, I believe that I have the communication skills and the empathetic mindset to perform well within this role. Adult Nursing Personal Statement. Here are some nurse practitioner personal statement examples you’ve got to write. I then worked with a range of service users with physical and mental disabilities or impairments, resulting in voluntary work, assisting in art therapy, music therapy, life skills, and physical therapies such as horse riding in which I have acquired a level 6 in (British Horse Riding Society). “Wanting to make a difference” is very often cited as the main reason people go into nursing, but there are many difficult aspects to a nursing career beyond the simplicity of helping people to get better. Please give comments on what you think about my statement. personal details, qualifications, educational institutes attended, details about past jobs and employers, your immigration status, criminal record, declarations, etc. Manooka, Started by: username4247768, Started by: • In your personal statement, we want you to tell us what you have done, where, how long for and more importantly what you experienced and the impact it had on you and your desire to become a Mental Health Nurse. Outside of college I took up work experience in my free time, providing or observing care assistance such as changing, cleaning, washing, toileting and feeding to elderly service users with dementia in addition to other mental health conditions. University of Manchester Applicants Megathread for 2021 entry! I had to communicate and interpret in sign language as a result of some service users not being able to communicate verbally or have an audiological impairment. Theloniouss, Started by: I have found working with these people offers great emotional rewards as solutions are found for their problems, and I am keen to move into a career where this sort of experience is a daily occurrence. I am writing to apply for the Advanced Certificate program in Mental Health Counseling. I am a counsellor at my church, which involves establishing effective communication with those in highly vulnerable emotional states. Official Dentistry 2021 Applicants' Thread! Furthermore, I completed a report on dementia, referring to the biological effects. A strong personal statement could help you score admission to your preferred mental health nursing program. "To me, fearless is not the absence of fear. I have relevant education background and extensive professional experiences in counseling. Nurse personal statement always occupies a special place in the admission procedure. Your personal statement should be reflective of your own lifestyle skills and convey a great understanding of the sorts of pressures you will experience in different roles. Mental Health Nursing is a challenging career, but this is counterbalanced by the sense of reward gained when helping someone to overcome their difficulties and to become a valuable part of our community once more. JessR29, Started by: Why are you applying? Some other things that would be worth mentioning are: IsabellaNeer, Started by: This is the most important question and the most important answer. This way, you … In teaching, as in Mental Health Nursing, there is no substitute for hands on experience and I have worked hard in a range of roles throughout the years. Mental health nursing is currently popular and well sought after academic field in the world too. This clip from BBC show "Bamous" - is it racist?

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