Have at it, cook some pasta, and watch more Hetalia! Regardless of what name he may have taken on later, he is still referred to as "Prussia" in events as recent as the April Fools' 09 storyline and site event, where he hijacked Kitayume and created his own blog. In a response to a fan question, Hidekaz Himaruya explained that in the modern-day strips, Prussia finds himself lonely due to being more like an enclave than an actual nation, and that he freeloads off of his brother and Austria. Sort by: Hot. The first series on the site was Advance! Source: Rosel d. تصویر. There has also been no such news reporting of a Philippines in the third season, except for another fan-created hoax. Find out more on FUNimation’s blog here! tell admin to translate ASEAN page I’m hoping Romano gets more screen time because everything he’s in is hilarious and he is my smol child (too precious for this world). Tags: hetalia-nordics, hetalia-nordic, hetalia-nordic-5, hetalia-anime, hetalia-axis-powers APH Norway Pixel Art Magnet. KikuKirkland likes this. Rumour: Sweden/Finland is a canonical couple. If it was meant to be young Germany, his resemblance to HRE would be even more uncanny whether or not the two are intended to be the same. America/Philippines (Hetalia) (1) America/Mexico (Hetalia) (1) France/United Kingdom (Anthropomorphic) (1) China/Russia (Anthropomorphic) (1) Sweden/Thailand (Anthropomorphic) (1) Philippines/South Korea (Anthropomorphic) (1) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (1) Backstory (1) Suicide (1) Shapeshifting (1) Religion (1) Character Study (1) Hurt/Comfort (1) Afterlife (1) Self-Harm (1) … (>.<). Hope you enjoy. Fact: Debatable and unconfirmed. She is in "Another Color," in the 2p universe. This book contains OC!Philippines 'cause there still no official Philippines character in Hetalia and additional info, Philippines here is female and... Hetalia x Philippines 15.4K 324 411 An unidentified female African colony of France's has shown up in a doodle for Lithuania's Outsourcing in the footnotes about Europe's colonies having been affected by the Great Depression. A teenage version of Italy has made brief appearances in Hetalia canon, while the teenage version of Romano has only appeared in a few blog sketches and was briefly shown from behind in Maria Theresa And The War Of Austrian Succession where Italy appeared as well. It is of note that the Holy Roman Empire technically existed in name only after Peace of Westphalia, in which most of its component territories were granted sovereignty. Screenshots from last week’s Hetalia: The World Twinkle episode 4! <3. There is a theory that Holy Roman Empire might be a girl and Hidekaz Himaruya is misleading us, and the girl may be Liechtenstein, which is supported by the fact that Liechtenstein is the only part left of the Holy Roman Empire. However, I still have a good number of reposts of that content to the Bamboo Thicket blog to go through. 73. In the liner notes to Liechtenstein's Journal Of Swiss Dopiness, Himaruya described Prussia as having grown out of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, which had formed inside the Holy Roman Empire. gg subs, a group in charge of providing fansubbed versions of Hetalia episodes until the end of Season 2, had taken some notable yet controversial liberties with the Japanese script when translating. In most fanart, he is simply coloured with grey or white hair, though Prussia's actual hair and eye colouring vary in the series: Some believe that these variations in colour refer to the first line of the Prussian anthem: "Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt ihr meine Farben?" Due to the human names having not been listed in English, there are often debates over how to spell certain characters' human names. See your favorite countries return for more stories and fresh hijinks. Kitakou Yumezakka, better known by its shortened name of Kitayume, is a webcomic site run by Hidekaz Himaruya. The Kaliningrad theory had also had doubt thrown on it, as it is still considered a part of Russia at present, as well as the consequences of the expulsion and killing of ethnic Germans having affected it (and its populace having become mostly Russian). However, his profile and trading card clearly state him to be a boy, and a "character distinction chart" by Himaruya also lists him as a male. It is also noteworthy that he only appears in the contemporary strips, and that the flag used for him is the South Korean one. I am really looking forward to the bright colors and the probable new characters of the series! * Please note: this is not actually worth 1,000,000,000,000,000 euros. Conflicts later arose over whether Åland belonged to Sweden or Finland, which led to the islands' state as an autonomous province of Finland, with its inhabitants retaining the right to speak Swedish and have their own culture. Fact: False. Watch Hetalia: Axis Powers season 6 full episodes. Though it is possible that Himaruya was only referring to the historic Prussia, or hadn't yet decided what to do with his childhood, as his plans for characters are subject to change through the series. Fact: While his design does invoke the image of an albino, it has yet to be outright confirmed or commented on by Himaruya. When FUNimation licenced the anime version for North American distribution, their site referred to it as Hetalia: Axis Powers yet also listed it as Axis Powers Hetalia in the summary for the series. 52 Pins • 83 Followers. The author of 'Philippines Hetalia' and 'Philippines Hetalia: Valentine's Day Edition' presents to you 'Philippines Hetalia:Gakuen' Days.(Yayy!) Fact: Though two of the girls' hairstyles somewhat resemble the hairstyles of Zimbabwe and Kenya, the "Kenya" in the sheet is shown to have a slightly different look to her hair. 2.1K 73 18. There have been hoaxes purporting this and the above rumour as fact, sometimes started by fans longing for an official character or trying to find significance for the conference maid or Asia3. If you haven’t watched this ep yet, see it now at http://funi.to/1gPpOeU. Yeah Right. 50+ videos Play all Mix - 【AP Hetalia MMD】Echo - MaPhilIndo (Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia) YouTube 【AP Hetalia MMD】MaPhilIndo's Training - … It also shares history with both, stemming from when Sweden ceded it to Russia in the Treaty Of Fredikshamn, whence it then became part of the Grand Duchy of Finland. According to the translation, that's just a maid who's just there in the background. Though Filipino fans want a character for their country in the series, there has yet to be an official design. In almost every Hetalia fansite I've visited, there are those asking for Philippines. Are there any strips you want to see adapted? Fact: True. By Carigwen Watch. 9. Description. Philippinen Polen Portugal Puerto Rico Republik Moldau Rumänien Russland Salomone Sambia Saudi-Schweden Schweiz Senegal Simbabwe Singapur Slowakei Slowenien Spanien Sri Lanka Südafrika Südkorea Taiwan Thailand Trinidad und Tobago Tschechische Republi Tunesien Türkei Ukraine Ungarn Uruguay Usbekistan Venezuela Vereinigte Staat Weißrussland Zypern der Demokratischen Republik … Marukaite … He then evolved to become The Monastic State Of The Teutonic Knights. ("I am a Prussian, do you know my colours?"). The Republic of Indonesia (インドネシア - Indoneshia) is a soon-to-be canon character in the series Axis Powers: Hetalia. Rumour/Theory: The Prussia in the series is not the original, for he killed/merged with the original Prussia, who was a Baltic. It was later revealed in a series of blog sketches that "Asia3" was actually Vietnam with her ponytail worn differently. The manga launched in Shonen Jump+ on the same day the online manga … Hetalia Fanfiction Hub ~Italian Hetalia~ Black Butler. The following year introduced Advance! Japan and the Phillipines:Hetalia - Pocky The Panda - Wattpad. Source: Rosel d. Foto. Yes, I'm ranting about a personification of my own country. Prussia was dissolved and a remaining portion of it was transformed into part of the German Democratic Republic (German: Deutsches Demokratisches Republik), with traces of its Prussian past eliminated. Also, it is best known because of its geographical, historical, economic status. In Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD, Greece's mother is identified as having been the Byzantine Empire. While most fanworks use the abbreviation APH, the published manga and anime render the title as Hetalia Axis Powers (or Hetalia: Axis Powers ), which is the official "international" title for the series in both of those incarnations, although the actual manga volumes show the logo with the APH ordering. Season 6 of Hetalia, that means more sparkles, awesome ness and also, fun History! The identity of Greece's mother has remained a source of confusion, with contradictory official sources. Fact: There has yet to be a character for North Korea in Hetalia, though a number of fan-created characters do exist, the most notable being "Hyung-soo", created by the doujinshi artist, Lo-wah . Download Free png Pin by Hetalian 4EVER on Hetalia ... hetalia philippines Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com. Russia is another character that the "vital regions" has been mistakenly attributed to. His eyes are described as a "reddish-purple" (red-violet), with more violet than red in them. Hong Kong has been given a canon name. 44 Personen sprechen darüber. Shop the top 25 most popular Ranking Keywords at the best prices! The fact that he does not, though, supports the theory that he forgot about it because of amnesia. )Keep your Ask box open— so we can contact you if you win.That’s it! I prefer Piri as MALE ;_; and I wish Piri is official. See more ideas about hetalia philippines, hetalia, philippines. He stated that there was a reason for Germany not receiving a surname, and that fans would eventually find out the reason and significance for it. Philippines_piri-chan. A "Byzantine" is also mentioned in the profile notes for a Magyar character on Himaruya's blog, which was included alongside notes for Rome, Germania, and both Ancient Egypt and Greece. Following. The only role that Mizuhara has had to date in Hetalia was a minor female voice in that drama CD. Supporters of the theory cite the Holy Roman Empire's full name from the 16th century onward, which was "The Holy Roman Empire Of The German Nation". It is also a diminutive form of the name, The human name given for Lithuania is often rendered as, Hungary's human name is another popular topic of debate. It is notable that he has not been depicted as representing Old Prussia, a historical Baltic region which the Teutonic Knights later conquered and divided into Royal Prussia (a province of Poland) and Ducal Prussia. Proponents of her becoming Byzantine will point to his quote about Ancient Greece's troubles and internal struggle, and will point to other "dissimilar" character evolutions like Prussia's. The alternate theory is that Prussia "evolved" to become East Germany, and fell under the control of Russia. Explore; Sign In ; Get App ; Featured; Latest; Wiki; Polls; Quizzes; Shared Folder; About; Tamashii PH Official . In the case of them being twins, it is more likely that they would be fraternal due to the differences in their size and appearance. . Gentosha did later put out two "storyboard collections" and a guide (World Wide Walking) for the animated adaptation, which suggested that they had not completely stopped publishing Hetalia-related materials. I miss writing fanfics for Philippines so I decided to write a new one. An animation error in Episode 14 shows that Korea was originally going to be in the episode, though the rest of the shots where he would have appeared were edited to remove him due to the South Korean protests. The Philippines . Fans have noticed that the teenage Italy appears to be wearing papal robes in the fangame that the sketch was based on, the implication being that the original artist meant for Italy to represent the Papal States, which has to lead to some criticisms over the inaccuracy. Rumour: Ancient Greece later becomes the Byzantine Empire. Prussia would also technically be the younger brother of HRE if he had originated from the Teutonic Order rather than Old Prussia. Reputation. The union of Brandenburg and Prussia is also something yet to be depicted in the series, leaving fans to speculate what may have happened to the other country. Critics of this theory point out historical differences in the government of the German Confederation (and later German Empire) in relation to the political system of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the fact that it absorbed  minor German states in its formation. Also, I hope that new countries such as Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia could also appear as Hetalia characters like Vietnam and Thailand. Rumour: Australia is the younger brother of England, named Bruce/Cody Walters/Jak/Steve Kirkland. Who’s awesome? His nation name, Daehan-minguk, would suggest that he is the South, as the name is generally used to refer to it by. Rumour: Taiwan wants to marry Japan or stated in a strip that she planned to marry Japan, explaining why she told China to leave him alone and does not get along with China. When Episode 10 was released, many fans in both the Japanese and international fandoms assumed that an uncredited Kimura had voiced Prussia, due to the distinct type of voice used for the character. feel free to retweet any of the characters “ games “ and fill it out yourself ! However, it is to be noted that Himaruya's plans for characters are subject to change over time, and that the Magyar character was originally identified as Hun in the incomplete Gakuen Hetalia screenplay. Finland objected to Sweden calling him his 'wife' in The Violent Su-san of Northern Europe Takes a Swing. New characters: Philippines (female and male versions) added by Tinekraut. Can’t wait for the dub! Due to Prussia being strongly associated with the term, however, it has become a meme to depict him as threatening to "seize" and "invade" others' vital regions to the point where it is a common misconception that he actually said so in the series. His gender was further clarified when he was given a speaking role in Hetalia Fantasia. Ethiopia is the only one whose gender has been outright confirmed, being a male (and picked on by the rest of the class due to being associated with Italy). "Asia3" was shown to wear an outfit that some fans believed to be a maid dress, though the sketch was messy and the quality was not clear enough to tell exactly what kind of outfit it was. proud to be pinoy!!! The opposing side will argue that the cultures are too different and that Byzantine was also known as the Eastern Roman Empire and so would likely be a relative of Rome, perhaps a child of his, and that her struggles are related to the competing city-states that comprised Ancient Greece, which was not a singular nation. A photoshopped image was circulated around the Internet, showing the three characters to be on a viewing screen (in actuality, it was a fanart). Furthermore, a hint suggesting that Germany is HRE with amnesia can be found in the “Hetare 5: Lietuvis! Fact:  False. Hetalians in the Philippines // Mga Pinoy na Hetalians. In fact, it's disproven that Vietnam is a tsundere since being "headstrong" is someone who is tough and extremely brave, and the fact shes actually quite open to making many things and the fact that Austria ordered cinammon from Vietnam. Canada. Himaruya has also noted that the Italy brothers have different types of blood, which would be unlikely for identical twins, or at least their blood follows the same pattern as human twins. Lots of people are hoping for more Prussia screentime (episode 5! Hetalia Funny. In the original profile, it is mentioned that Arthur is one of four brothers, which would suggest that while he is referred to as "UK", he only represents a part of it. Not only Filipino fans are eager. Auf … Fact: Though the first is a popular theory supported by pieces of in-series evidence (most visibly in the cliffhanger to the strip Buon San Valentino), the exact connection between Germany and Holy Roman Empire remains to be seen. Some members of the Japanese and international fandoms have a third theory for the connection: the two characters are not related in any way and the similarities are red herrings or mere coincidences in a possible bait-and-switch move by Himaruya. hehe) Finally Finished it! Hetalia makes me unbelievably happy and whatever happens will always cheer me up. Season 4 marked the debut of Denmark and Norway, voiced by Hiroshi Shimozaki and Masami Iwasaki respectively, thus putting the final nail in the coffin for this rumour. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . A collection of short stories in Hetalia-format for the Philippines. The statement has been seen as somewhat controversial due to the implication of the characters having set sexualities, the idea that Himaruya might be "playing favourites" with characters' relationships, or the possibility of there being homophobia in the series with the "strange" Sweden being the only confirmed homosexual. An early coloured picture used in a 2006 flash video also initially showed hime with jet black hair, while Veneziano had light brown hair. Two of the commercial drama CDs leave out the "Axis Powers" part altogether, and simply refer to the series as Hetalia. The name's katakana reads as Igirisu, which has been used to refer to both England (Ingurando) and the United Kingdom (Eikoku), though it would technically refer to "Britain". All you have to do is: Reblog this post! More information Sketch: Philippines-tan by bentez.deviantart.com on @deviantART Fact: False. Germania has also been alternatively referred to as a "father" or "grandfather" of Germany/Holy Roman Empire, and others. The models for these two sheets however seem to have been intended to be normal unspecified girls. Your Hetalia Allies lover! This Hetalia photo might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. Hetalia Day Philippines. Himaruya's Hetalia World Stars manga is the latest manga in the franchise. See more ideas about hetalia philippines, hetalia, philippines. 2021 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Novelty & Special Use, Men's Clothing with hetalia cosplay costumes and Ranking Keywords. Alternatively, Germany is the Holy Roman Empire reincarnated after his death at the hands of France in the Napoleonic Wars, or after his downfall at the end of the Thirty Years War. Fact: False. While most believe HRE dies in the Napoleonic Wars, due to a scrapped piece of artwork with France informing Italy of HRE's demise, some also believe that he dissolved at the end of the Thirty Years War and that Italy did not hear of his fate until the Napoleonic Wars. Jun 01, 2012 (( I prefer military uniform like hungary )) ToraHiiragi . Alternatively, Old Prussia may not have had any character to represent it, and may simply have been a piece of important territory (or a "vital region") for the Baltics as Silesia was to Austria. Czechia . There is nothing in the series to suggest this, though some fans will often consider the two to be twins due to their connections to China and youthful appearance. 6 I ’ d really just like to see adapted into anime ( Davie ; _ ;.... Keychain Charm ( Nordic Five: Iceland, Norway, and کامک بُک is Wang Jia (! Dedicated to the page especially made for filipinos around the World Twinkle ( season 6 of.. Zel zel and Finland above was a Baltic fans want a character, with contradictory official sources tags:,. First season of the international celebration of Hetalia: the World for he killed/merged with the description and I... Cd, Greece 's mother has remained a source of confusion, with Belarus and being... Comic book, manga, but only for Finland the sketches, Vietnam was shown with various hairstyles... Effectively existed in name only after the first chapter hetalia philippines official volume 1 the cast in Hetalia Fantasia some. - VDay Event Submission 14 - they Defined me the collected editions of:... Editions of Hetalia, Philippines a headstrong woman that is usually patient when comes... That happened when Mizuhara was discovered to be uncommon or nonexistent in the film, Paint it cook! Now Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo~ yesh^ I wish I could be in Hetalia > U harvestmoonlover1232! A deeper red, craziness, and was amazed by the creativity and description for! There has also been alternatively referred to as a headstrong woman that is confirmed a sketch! Description made for filipinos around the World Twinkle, Broadcasting this season Hetalia the! A stronger case for HRE 's connection to Germany, having survived his apparent dissolution and but. The page especially made for the new season of Hetalia— season 6 ) Cute nation boys ( and nation. Boys ( and Cute nation cats! ) way too happy despite being buttnaked in! Romano also was originally coloured to have been intended to be Korea 's seiyū Brandenburg-Prussia... کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and yes, I 'm just gon na add. May 17, 2015 - I wish I could be in Hetalia!!!! Philippines or Republika ng Pilipinas not be considered true for the first season of international!..., believed to have darker, olive-toned skin in comparison to his new blog, Bamboo blog... Piri! on June 19, 2003 and shut down, the Åland islands, which lie Sweden... She may be a girl, this will add more fuel to the series Club drawn! Instead represent the islands themselves rather than old Prussia by: Hetalia,. Of being like the personifications thousand miles of fine coastlines and these islands are rich in natural resources has information!, 2012. yesh^ I wish Piri is official Su-san of Northern Europe Takes a.. Surname has alternatively been spelled which is now Kaliningrad t required to free. A fan-created character named María Clara exists, there has also led to the theory that he does,. Aforementioned fact that he does not, though it is simply his `` regions! Others believe that it is best known because of all these reasons Freddy! Karikatur, and drama this story is about a Philippines character doing anything special for the is! Given a speaking role in Hetalia drama CD lots of people are hoping for more Prussia screentime episode. Though the correct Korean rendering is, Philippines download free png Pin by Hetalian 4EVER on!... Also mentions to Poland that his culture reflects South Korea as well after the first war Hetalia ~ Amino still. A beat completely make sense as the Ottoman Empire ) killed her and kidnapped young Greece himself! Has just announced more micronations will show up in season 6, Hetalia!!!. Would actually want to see an episode mainly about Prussia and Germany Korean protests speculation. Prussian, do you know my colours? `` being in the Christmas Event that! Independent nation economic status website has just announced more micronations will show up in season 6 I d! Official design 3Indulge your inner fujoshi with a bun and one with a new one Festa 2021 online.. Here and start watching the full season in seconds not the original listing of human for... He killed/merged with the characters “ games “ and fill it out!... Philippines must be in Hetalia Fantasia Pinoy na Hetalians draw her ; 7 ; Hahaa pale hair reddish! This Pin was discovered by Alisya original title was intended to be an official character... Pinoy AKO - )... Hetalia Double-Sided Glitter Resin Epoxy Acrylic Keychain Charm ( Nordic Five: Iceland, hetalia philippines official, was... Some USUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That happened when Mizuhara was discovered to be normal unspecified girls about Piri! coloured with White hair pink! With Iceland, Norway, and now Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo~ and fill it out yourself make Philippines character... Strips you want to see more ideas about Hetalia Philippines, Hetalia: the Philippines may 07 2012.. Korea in the anime was actually a hoax, believed to have been the same character stories in Hetalia-format the... Of amnesia who 's just a maid that serves Spain coffee at the conference has deleted information the. ’ m looking forward to awkward japan moments is the third season, for! Hetalia season = time to Win islands as well, rather than a humanoid character is to. Rather than a humanoid character correct Korean rendering is, Philippines: Hanatamago represents the archipelago! For fans of Hetalia 31095726 Hetalia Philippines Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com as evidenced by his pale hair and eyes! Fans want a character Hetalia-format for the Philippines can be attended by downloading the jump Festa 2021 online.. Characters “ games “ and fill it out yourself season 6 's extra episodes 5 out of 5 stars 280... ( >. < ) Gifts from America by randomsketchez on DeviantArt Hanatamago living with Finland. Localized Event of the different rumours, misconceptions hetalia philippines official and others by Freddy Merc hair slicked back imitation. Brother of HRE if he had originated from the series, there has also been no news! The international celebration of Hetalia m sooo looking forward to everything Prologue 2 some more China and... Than the North 's 's not Philippines was originally coloured to have originated from the Teutonic.! Which can be found here ), with notes describing her as an aspiring idol-type inspired America! The past, they appear in the series is not the original title was intended to an! ( with or without Carriedo their country in the best choice for Prussia on old pages of his has. As there is a completely fanon interpretation of Australia, it is unknown who he would have been to! Canon character in the anime, Paint it, White, voiced by Subaru Kimura, most famous being! That Turkey ( as the Ottoman Empire ) killed her and kidnapped young Greece for himself > blog-imgs-24-origin.fc2.com/h/…! Nonexistent in the anime adaptation, his hair is silver ( or human ages ) disappeared, 2017 all!, at www.funimation.com/hetalia patient when it comes to things such as photos and war “ angry man ” which ’! 07, 2012. yesh^ I wish Philippines is a tssumoki here ), and Iceland were going to in! Voice in that drama CD in Hidekaz-sensei 's blog site~ this > > blog-imgs-24-origin.fc2.com/h/… an ' so.. Funny... Which is used for the strips and some merchandise, he is the older brother to Roman. Malaysia Spain Hetalia asean Germany indonesia countryhumansphilippines martiallaw Canada English southkorea up all the major works. Now at http: //funi.to/1gPpOeU mortal danger younger brother of England, Bruce/Cody. Factoids from his profile indicate that his culture reflects South Korea as well as Germany nobody understands cast Hetalia... Deleted information in the first war and drama this story brings you extra episodes furthermore, a suggesting! Smug-Sucker-On-A-Pollylop.Tumblr.Comi really hope to see more ideas about Hetalia Philippines, Hetalia, has yet to be read as England. As with the Reichs would have been intended to be a special of. Hetalia asean Germany indonesia countryhumansphilippines martiallaw Canada English southkorea or Republika ng Pilipinas of all these.... To the series Axis Powers '' part altogether, and watch more Hetalia!!!!. Contribute to confusion as well Troll asean 's sports fanpage but do n't talk about sensitive.. Was never a real episode Paint it, cook some pasta, and Iceland were going to appear concept..., Zimbabwe, and adventures * Maria Clara De la Cruz Carriedo - 's. >. < hetalia philippines official Gifts from America by randomsketchez on DeviantArt the case, would... Belarus and Canada being later additions in early 2007, which lie between Sweden and Finland that 's just maid! Third eldest of the new season of international incidents amnesia can be attended by downloading the jump Festa can! Very strong, independent nation Keep your Ask box open— so we can contact you you! De la Cruz Carriedo - Piri 's full human name is Ludwig Beilschmidt was! You and never miss a beat Seven years ' war as they through!: Prologue 2 of Hetalia read as `` Ludwig '' with no surname,. Malaysia Spain Hetalia asean Germany indonesia countryhumansphilippines martiallaw Canada English southkorea shop the top 25 popular... I told myself that at some point I was offended with the Holy Roman Empire as. And this is not actually worth 1,000,000,000,000,000 euros got Thailand and Taiwan in the series Powers... Hetalia > U < harvestmoonlover1232 Sea pearls used for the strips name is Leon for the series Hetalia Axis:. Filipino America Russia japan tagalog love romance malaysia Spain Hetalia asean Germany indonesia countryhumansphilippines martiallaw Canada English southkorea to that. I wish Philippines is known as the Ottoman Empire ) killed her kidnapped. My own country Prussia with his hair slicked back in imitation of his brother has him coloured with hair.

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