This will exclude travelling to UK and Ireland. This is stated in Article 33 of the EU Visa Code: As any other visa, the Schengen Tourist Visa has many restrictions. I recently discovered I have overstayed my tourist visa in Italy by one month. She’s dying to take the position but I’m quite nervous about just having her stay here 2 months beyond her visa period. . One way to avoid overstaying Schengen visa is to get a 30 day extension to the 90 day tourist visa. immigration guards will get alerted by your overstay stamp on the passport and You can’t do this without a visa, because you will be overstaying the 90/180 day limit. Hi Byron, Thanks so much for letting me know! Error: API requests are being delayed. I suppose it just depends on their mood. maybe a lot . Violating the conditions of your Schengen visa renders the visa invalid. Consequences are high when you get caught It depends on the people checking your details. Big deal? I’m also wondering if I could just go to the UK or Turkey/Croatia/etc until I am allowed back in..? (We’re travelling with our location independent jobs and 2 kids, follow us on I am prepared to overstay, but would be great to know if there is another way to stay longer without the risk? Germany is known to have the strictest immigration laws in the EU in this direction; while Greece is known for applying very high fines … How much should I worry about over staying in Southern Spain? overstaying is never a legal thing, as your data is stored in their databases We have gone ahead and included a backlink back to your web page from one of my clients requesting it. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. I’d like to know what will happen if I overstay in Prague, Czech Republic for 1 day? What are we gonna do and how can we avoid the worst? I started in Spain and France for 5 weeks. One way to avoid overstaying Schengen visa is to get a 30 day extension to the 90 day tourist visa. Getting a … Hannah- I’m here in Spain now and I never got the visa. I think you have departed from Brussels by now. What is Schengen Visa/Schengen Country/Schengen Area. As @Gagravarr suggested, leave the Schengen area for a few days between now and your departure date, e.g. Overstaying the allowed time of your visa is an offence that will warrant a fine, being booted back to your country of origin, or worse being banned from entering the Schengen area Although there is no common policy for all Schengen Member States regarding overstaying penalties, each of the individual states apply different types of sanctions. Hey! More Info: Holders of an invalid visa automatically receive the status of unwanted alien; if you happen to come to the attention of national law enforcement while having said status, you will be deported out of the Schengen area at … You may need to pay a hefty fine. I got stamped without question, but carried all of the contracts and visa-in-progress documentation just to be safe. 4. Oops not student visa, 90 day tourist visa. She was told on entry to Morocco that she may not be able to come back to Europe as she has overstayed her visa. We fell crazy in love, and he forgot to tell me that his visa was running out. This isn’t clear to me. the visa type is, if you are staying in the schengen country for more than 90 I was Stabbed in Indonesia Be careful what you read on Wikipedia regarding NZ visa requirements. I have been illegally living in Barcelona for the past year and a half and I have had no problems. . I just got through border patrol in Malaga without so much as a glance. caught overstayed, immigration authorities of that country will deport you Just wondering if anybody would be able to give me a bit of advice – I have just entered the UK after staying 11 weeks in France studying French on a 90 day student visa, and I plan to return into Lyon just 2 days before my 90 day visa expires, trchnically there isn’t any reason for them to refuse my entry is there, seeing as my visa hasn’t expired yet? time, at the most 3 years of ban. Though France tends to be a little lax about this. In few cases, the individial meets some criteria and a request to eliminate such prohibition before is finished could be succesfully processed. Please, PLEASE let me know how this works out for you. Hey Danielle, The Schengen rules we're discussing are for visa-free travel for short periods of time. Step 1: Know your visa type and validity. I’ve been in Spain for 6 years. travelling across other countries (non-schengen areas) in Europe. Anyone know what I should do, I really don't want to leave but if that's the only way I guess I'll have to, I have family here (5 uncles and 6 aunts). . I always overstay. I applied for my visa so that it would start when my ninety days from my visa free entry would lapse – providing me with a total of approximately 15 months within the Schengen Area. I found your site very helpful (ok, at the time I read it I was freaking out a bit . Grant. Hmm I can’t comment on the overstaying as when I was in the Czech Republic I applied for a working holiday visa so didn’t have any problems. Travel Help on Overstaying Schengen Visa Overstaying Visa in Europe ... (I am Canadian). Does anyone know if I’ll have any troubles? Can you give us an update? All of the embassies responded within 3 days. I’m a kiwi. The customs officials told us they had never heard of it before, but where happy with the email. your visa or they might even just let you go. Read your comments about going to the ” the empadronamiento” census bureau , I am now in Spain and almost over the 90 days period , I am US citizen, can I still go to the census bureau and get the NIE to get setup and incorporate here in Spain . get stamped with no entry or some remark to identify that you have overstayed Will probably have to book an airline that allows me to exit Schengen from Spain/Italy. – I would never decice to overstay based on a country’s popular opinion about immigration law-enforcement. I’m in Spain too. Long story cut short I come and go alot in and out of the country sometimes to morocco and sometime i get asked questions about why I overstayed. I am in Spain right now and am thinking of staying longer than the 3 months, but don´t want to be fined/banned. How to Find a Good Couchsurfing Host This is really at the discretion of the customs officer inspecting your passport. ... Schengen or not, if you are staying in Croatia more than their allowed 90 days, then you could find yourself in some trouble. My 90th day (when my visa ends) will be April 4th. I met my boyfriend (NZ) here in switzerland in January 15. At any time when you are in the Schengen area, you must not have spent more than 90 out of the last 180 days there. comeback into schengen countries to reset travel dates from the time you I was in Germany last September, my visa said I had 14 days to stay in the Schengen area. I think the further south in Spain you go the more relaxed they are . However, overstaying an ESTA visa has its consequences and those who do not leave the US before their visa expires should be aware of the penalties involved.. Technically, ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is not a visa, it is a visa-waiver. The Schengen visa validity rules will not allow you to extend your stay once your visa expires. Good luck! Do NOT leave your visa application until after you are already an overstayer – this will not go down well. Overstaying German Schengen Visa by a JUST a few hours (Read 12722 times) studenttraveller. the type of visa required would depend a lot on what you intended to do in the country like just travel or work or be a student. Many people want to stay in the USA for longer than their ESTA visa allows. more information on Visa rules you may visit our website or contact us:, How to Apply Austria Schengen Visa from New York, USA And yes, you could definitely go to turkey, croatia or any countries close to europe that aren’t in the schengen area until your time is up. How Can I Stay Longer? Then I entered the UK and remained there for about a month, then returned to Portugal and on from there. Due to some other travel plans to go to Ireland, I plan on leaving Italy between April 6-8th. Personally I wouldn’t risk it but I have heard you can see how it goes. On December 5th I am flying to Sevilla, Spain and then flying from Spain to Chicago on the 7th. Whether you need a visa for any paacutilrr country depends upon your nationality those countries that do require a visa for you will expect you to apply personnally through one of their embassies (and pay quite a lot for some countries) you can apply through any embassy of the country you wish to visit so that you have the visa when you try to cross their border. Overstaying Tourist Visa by up to 8 days. And the problem is not getting caught during that 8 days, but at the border as you are leaving. The Schengen visa is appropriate for short-term visits to Austria and any of the 26 Schengen area countries that do not exceed more than 90 days within a given 180-day period. If you don’t fancy being banned  (from one year ban right up to a life ban), or paying in excess of 700 Euros, then it’s best to apply for a longer visa so that you can avoid a Schengen visa overstay. . I’d love to hear how you get on! I'm planning to go to Germany for an international student festival. Countries should be able to make their own rules. I am a Canadian and I am currently living in Barcelona with the 90 day free VISA. They are from iran and beetween the 27/07/2014 and 26/08/2014 the duration of stay is 15 days. Staying in Europe over 90 days – and how to maximise your Schengen visa Schengen visa validity period and duration of stay. you cannot have just one visa to visit every where in the world. What Does This Mean For Travel in The Schengen Zone? I am a Non-EU. Therefore, the consequences of overstaying in Schengen territory, whether your visa or the permitted 90 days for nationals of the countries under the visa-waiver program, depend a lot on the number of days you have overstayed, and the country you get caught in. How to book a dummy flight ticket for schengen visa application? It wasn’t until a few weeks into my trip that I realised I had a ninety day cap on my time for all the countries in the Schengen Zone (this was slightly complicated by the fact I’m a New Zealander). If you’re interested I have a post on how to volunteer overseas and would love any feedback you might have All the best! Hey I just spoke to a lovely lady at the Spanish Embassy in Wellington (by phone from Portugal) she has confirmed NZer’s can spend 3 months of every 6 months in Spain regardless of time spent in other Schengen countries. When I do go home to US, which I never really want to do, after being here. Can you advise how strict Brussels is please? Tips in Avoiding to Overstay your Schengen Visa Sarah- I’m in the exact same boat, I tried to get my visa in the states but the my consulate never communicated with me and was 10 hours away! Have you learned anything in particular about Spain?? And if I want to have a future in Spain, it wouldn’t be a good idea to start my record out with a deportation. I only used the schengen allowance because my program was so short, but because of some changes in flight and scheduling, I’ve had to overstay by 7 days (I did some travelling in between outside of the schengen area, which is why my arrangements aren’t for earlier). What Does This Mean For Travel in The Schengen Zone? From the Casino to the Beach: Finding Treasures in Macau,,,, I Fell in Love With Volunteering in Cambodia. Be careful! I got my visa already (Type C, Multiple) and the thing is the date on the visa stamp said from 7-21 May. . That’s the impression I’m under, however it might be better to get specific confirmation from the specific embassies. Sorry I have no experience with Schengen visa overstay in Brussels. These vary depending on each state - but will be more expensive the longer you overstay and lack mitigating circumstances. I overstayed my schengen visa in Germany for about a year and a half now (been here since May, 2010. Germany is known for stricter immigration laws and Greece charge high penalty. schengen country without their notice. you are stuck in schengen countries due to accident or sickness you are advised Just checking, does this mean I can spend 70 or so days in Greece, then 90 days in Italy then 90 in Switzerland etc etc etc? I’ve been to Turkey and Norway without problem. Anyone done this? At present there are 26 countries  in the Schengen Zone including France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Spain and Greece. I would have run into a problem with that, had I not got a working holiday visa for the Czech Republic. I, however, have the flight back on 22 May around 11 a.m. Should I be concerned that I overstay the duration of my visa based on the dates stamp on my passport or is it okay because of the 90-day stay rule (using the tourist passport). You should never overstay your visa validity. . I’m a Canadian student studying in the Netherlands for a short period. I’m also an american.I’m here wwoofing, though, so maybe that will help me if i get questioned. And the problem is not getting caught during that 8 days, but at the border as you are leaving. . Visa was given for 60 days duration, single entry, and valid until 25th June 15. I think if I were you, I’d probably try to go to a more relaxed airport… Spain and Greece, for example, have a reputation for being very relaxed about that kind of thing. Any leads or knowledge on the subject?? Wondering about walking across the border from Spain into Gibraltar and then leaving Gibraltar by plane to UK as a way to get around an overstay. I have a schenzen visa of 2 weeks only, I want to stay long like more than a couple of year and want to do work in germany and stay in rent. If you overstay in Schengen the UK works to enforce its policy. . I have come to the UK for a week, and was planning on going to the Middle East for 2 weeks and then flying back to Spain for about 16 days (5 more than my 90 days). There . How does anyone know if she will spend the full 90 days in Spain. Thanks everyone! Do bear in mind that for the vast majority of visitors to Schengen, 90 days is more than enough, in fact 15 days is probably as much as they need. The most important one is the popularly known as “90-day limit”. #Schengen #flightitinerary #travelinsurance #HotelBookings #schengenvisa #schengencountry #schengenarea. 90 days from Dec. 18th would mean I can go back in March, but my new 180 day semester would start in February…. The Problem is: You Think You Have Time So technically, the overstay would be less than 12 hours. I have been working for a Spanish company in Spain on a US tourist VISA. So I landed in Germany today and to my surprise passport officer pointed out that my visa says stay allowed for 30 days only and I have already used 28 days in past visits .That’s all true . If I thought I might be close, I'd send for a visa. You want to visit France and Spain for a total of two months, then you’re going to spend two weeks in England (not Schengen) before you plan to spend six weeks in Greece. You may be there beyond a day, Alicante airport resembles a bus station and it was almost a chore for the dude at immigration to stamp a US passport. Let us know what happened in the comments below: Good tips Izy! Are private jet charters the new First Class? Has anyone heard of this? I am in Macedonia (non Shengen sorry, but this was the only forum I found with people in same situation) and worried about overstaying my visa due to the corona virus and all airports and borders shut. - We have been inside the Schengen Zone for about 6 months (specifically, Italy), and plan to stay at least another 6 … Both the american and spanish embassies told me it probably wouldn’t be a problem, but that it all depends on which customs officer you talk to. Keep a copy for you of all the documents you attached to the application, Those docs with the refusal statement you get could still be useful for future actions. Thanks. Overstaying Schengen Visa for 1 day. In most cases, re-entry is only possible after the prohibition expires. dblaisde 4 4 Berlin; Posted 11 Aug 2010. for longer duration of stay then you will be banned from entering EU borders next Personal datas are digitally recorded (check SIS II to loearn more) and shared within the Schengen states with law-enforcement purposes and immgration control. I am in Macedonia (non Shengen sorry, but this was the only forum I found with people in same situation) and worried about overstaying my visa due to the corona virus and all airports and borders shut. . go for a week-end to Croatia (from Trieste, this is really close) or to the UK (many budget airlines fly from the UK to the South of Europe and tickets from Italy/Spain to the UK at the beginning of a week-end and back might even be cheaper than the other way around). If you’re worried, I’d avoid Germany after the 90 days. Could it benefit me to try and arrive to the airport and get through the security an extra day early? No matter what type of visa you get to enter a foreign country (tourist visa, work visa, study visa, visa-free entry, etc) overstaying your allotted sojourn in that nation can be a big problem.You may think overstaying by a day is no big deal or hear about someone who had no trouble overstaying longer in a particular country. Misuse of visa and overstay may result in your being expelled and banned from entry into the Slovak Republic or Schengen area for a certain period of time. time you are entering into any schengen country, Visa authorities or Please let me know how you get on. And told the trueth (might include black-work)? You could slip by without so much as a warning, or you could receive a substantial fine and even be banned from the Schengen Zone for a number of years. My 18 yo daughter has been offered a nanny position in Spain for the summer from June til September. the immigration officers will know. Any info helps! By the time I leave I will of been here for 6 months. I’m currently worried that might happen to me soon. I’ve travelled around Europe with no problem. my austrian boyfriend invited me here to austria as a tourist ( two months schengen visa). Though visa. Anyone know what I should do, I really don't want to leave but if that's the only way I guess I'll have to, I have family here (5 uncles and 6 aunts). This will exclude travelling to UK and Ireland. National (long-stay) visa may be issued for stays of duration of more than 90 days. #Schengen #flightitinerary #travelinsurance #HotelBookings #schengenvisa #austriaschengenvisa, How to Apply Greece Schengen Visa from New York, USA I have a bit of a dilemma. Can someone advise if this is going to be a issue ? Hi, there! She had no problem getting on the plane without a visa (we were told she didn’t need one). 90 days is just unreasonable. To prove we left the Shengen countries (with no Bilateral visa waiver) within 90 days we have been keeping receipts of purchases to show our movements. Hey! travelled out. We are on day 57 of our current visa here. When Hi there! 5 posts in this topic. Ok, so here's the story: I'm American. Since you cannot leave or enter the we already called all the agencies, embassies to ask for another two months extension. When I was leaving back for Egypt the passport control officer noticed that I was leaving on the 15th day. I overstayed my schengen visa in Germany for about a year and a half now (been here since May, 2010. Flew from Frankfurt to Barcelona about a week later… As mentioned earlier, you can travel freely throughout the EU – no borders. They stamped my passport and sent me on through. I have the dates on my Visa C stamped from 7-21 May however my flight leaves on 22 at 11 a.m. from Germany to Indonesia. are ways where you can overstay within in your permitted time of travel by Some countries could be “more relaxed” than others, but the current tendence is to converge to common levels, as local laws are based on EC directives. Until very recently, I honestly knew nothing of schengen visa laws and was operating on, admittedly, very outdated knowledge of tourist visa laws (back when you could spend up to 3 months in each European country, exit, re-set the clock, etc). It will passe only 9hours from the day which they must leave france…, Hi Delnaz, I am sorry but I have no idea. That left 9 days of serious anxiety. I came here on a schengen visa from the US and stayed for a little over 6 months consecutively here in Spain. Hi Pluv, I actually have no idea. we are planning to stay for good in the philippines . When any visa overstayed, you will usually be asked to leave the country immediately or you will be deported. There are some countries in Schengen who don't use the euro. I have a question ! So, you need to leave the Schengen area on the day of expiry of your Schengen visa. Thanks, I need info on how to fixed my over stayed in Paris. The glitch is the visa. This is where it gets a little confusing. Could I … it will be highly appreciated. New posts will not be retrieved. The most important one is the popularly known as “90-day limit”. Work visa is out of the question but i hope to have a long stay ( 1 year) student visa in the next 6 weeks or so. So Sarah, did you find out any more information of overstaying in Spain and the officials not caring? thank you so much. You do need to keep proof of your time outside of Spain if you’re not getting your passport stamped, so accom receipts bank withdrawal receipts bus and train tickets etc etc. Maybe pick a longer line if you can, good luck all, I had a student visa in spain from 1-31 july and i’m thinking about staying for more 5 days till 6th of august .. More Info: . How did you go getting out of Spain after overstaying?? So, I was deported by border control in Lisbon, Portugal. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 9 months ago. – Tourism or leisure purposes are not valid reasons for visa extensions. I’m heading there in January and I want to stay for 6 months and I’m afraid I’ll have trouble getting a student visa (I’m American). Also ,I live and work in UK on work visa .So wondering if I will have problem entering UK or in other words do they verify if I have overstayed in schengen country ? We were hassled twice at both Heathrow (bizarre because not Shengen) and Eindhoven. visa. Jump to bottom. If you have exceeded the length of your visa or your visa-free stay (overstay) an entry ban may be imposed on you. No problems, wonder if I’ll come across any next time I try to come back in.”. That is why we recommend you to find a travel agent that can agree with you a greater period of booking validity, at least up to 10-15 working days. Europe - Overstaying in the Schengen Zone - Please Advise! Or can I go earlier in airport and stay there for a day or two like Tom Hanks? I have heard that one can smuggle his or her self in through the UK on the ferry without so much as a stamp. This means, in theory, New Zealand citizens could travel around these 17 countries for a total of just over four years before they would require a visa, making it much easier for New Zealanders to avoid a Schengen visa overstay. This may lead to cancellation of your entry into I’m from Ireland and I visited the U.S. last summer on vacation using the Visa Waiver Program. I have heard that if you walk the border into Gibraltar, tourist style, the guards do not check your documents. The immigration doesn’t want to approve visas to most people who overstayed since they might do it again. There There may be an issue with the Instagram access token that you are using. But from what you say, you should be in the clear — you were out for … to apply for schengen visa extension. Any advice would help! I did not read my visa carefully so I returned to my country after 9 days from Germany without any problem. No problems, wonder if I’ll come across any next time I try to come back in. As any other visa, the Schengen Tourist Visa has many restrictions. I’m from the US and originally came to Turkey to au pair for 6 months, but when my extended visa didn’t go through as planned, I only stayed for three months and continued traveling from there. Everywhere else, (Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Hungary – I’ve had no problems). One reason for getting a Schengen Visa Denial is overstaying. Or if it made a difference comming back or being banned if he left from lets say spain, italy or france just so that he could come back to switzerland? My daughter is currently in Morocco, having travelled from Spain a couple of days ago. Spain is a very confusing place… just trying to get a NIE to start s business took 60 days… Wrong office, wrong forms, 10 business day wait for a simple piece of paper… We arrived via FRANKFURT and had no issue… came right in. ... Schengen or not, if you are staying in Croatia more than their allowed 90 days, then you could find yourself in some trouble. . but all of them rejected it. Penalties are different for each country. I was 18 and didn’t really know what I was doing. Planning a trip to Morocco later this year.. Let’s see if we get back in… If not, you guys can keep everything in our apartment. But if they buy their ticket to return for 19 august at 9am, they must pay a fine? but now I got pregnant (not intendet to) and this started to mess like crazy with us. i was denied 2x in the spanish embassy here in the philippines because they said i was overstaying…I have a 9 month contract within the past 4 years and only now that they said i was overstaying in their country..i dont have any idea of the shengen visa all i know is that i will fly to spain and join my vessel employer wants me to go back to continue my work but i was denied..i wonder if this will be fixed…is there a penalty of my overstay inorder for me to pay just to return back to work because i need the job back…, I am finding myself in a bit of a Schengen territory predicament at the moment…. Does anyone here have any experience with overstaying by one day? Can I ask you, when you were deported do you mean they put you on a plane back to the states? Need a urgent advice please. What is the Procedure for Extending Schengen Visa? . if the person is a minor and if you are a person with sort of sickness or hi Sarah, I would appreciate your valuable advice. Hello i come in Spain for my holidays i have valid student visa in UK. New Zealand citizens are lucky, they are entitled to travel visa free for a total of 90 days out of 180 in each of seventeen Schengen countries provided that they don’t cross into a country not included on this list. If someone has a definitive answer please let me know as I’m approaching the 90 day rule in my travel plans and I want to hit Croatia and not have it count. Regarding your other questions, I can say that a friend of mine had overstayed his time in the schengen by about a year, but when he got home he lost his passport, so he then got a new one meaning when he returned to the schengen a month later their were no stamps in it and it was like he’d never been there. Penalties for Overstaying a Schengen Visa. I wanted advice here is it too risky to overstay by 7 days ? I’m wondering if anyone has any useful advice for me…. Regarding travel by land (train) I only had problems between the borders of Czech Republic and Germany. i am overstay in uk in 15months, Hi everyone, I have been living in Spain for several years. I have the dates on my Visa C stamped from 7-21 May however my flight leaves on 22 at 11 a.m. from Germany to Indonesia. The ticket attendant looked at the passport, but seem to be looking through it checking to make it was “real”. So maybe that’s where the issues would crop up. We have to have her registered as married to me before i can get a residency under our marriage. I’m so sorry but I’m not on boarder control, so your guess is really as good as mine. This for the fact that booking is usually valid for a week, while the visa might need 10-15 working days to process. in jail. I am from hongkong and do not like to make the long flight back before I see Portugal. You may stay 90 days on a tourist visa in any 180-day period. . Difficulties coming back to Schengen. If i get questioned they usually give me a little lecture talking about how the letter of the law says 90 days in 90 days out, but then they will stamp me in so far. I am applying to live in the Netherlands with my partner now. Before I even arrived in Europe I was confused by the Schengen Zone and found that visa information was not very clear – it’ s really hard to figure out what will determine a Schengen Visa Overstay. I'm 20 years old. It is always good to act polite and just listen and smile and agree in my opinion, hopefully they wont want to bother with any paper work.

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