the factory label has been altered to void warranty. St. Croix's new Avid Carp series prove to be world’s classiest carp rods On the international competitive carp circuit, winning has little to do with how many gargantuan goldfish you tag. Picture yourself on a beautiful emerald green saltwater flat in the Bahamas, fishing for bonefish or maybe a little deeper slot near the edge of the flats in sunny Cancun. My suggestion is: If you want to buy anyone of these poles, id recommend a G. Loomis all the way. AVID SERIES® INSHORE SPINNING RODS feature: Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology. I have a few of the older E6X inshore models and they are good rods, especially considering the older model was slightly cheaper than the new line which runs ~$200-$220, which I think is overpriced for its tier. The St. Croix Avid is the step up from the St. Croix Mojo which I personally fish and love. This rod is a fantastic choice for trout, bass, walleye, and even smaller pike, catfish, and carp. The question is, instead, how many of these animals can you… I also have 2 St. Croix legend tournament rods and they are some of the most sensitive rods I've ever used. anyone know. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Will be vertical jig fishing in a river with 1/2-3/4 jigs mostly 1/2-5/8. 109K likes. The best fishin' community on' started by jtrapier, Sep 24, 2015. St Croix avid x or GLoomis e6x. Discussion in 'Let's Talk Fishin'! Close. re: g-loomis vs st.croix Messaggio da Piranha87 » mer apr 02, 2014 10:39 pm lmrod ha scritto: a mio parere la stcroix da paragonare a codesta gloomis è l'avid inshore 7.0,che però è una monopezzo, allora non avrei dubbi sulla scelta, prenderei la stcroix e non solo perché è monopezzo. Both are medium fast action rods. Premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite. The result is a top-performing Avid rod with unmatched durability. They all are propriotary names? Best Inshore Spinning Rod 2020 – [Buyer’s Guide] - Topsail Angler level 1. Archived. You say this would work good for what I am doing? Use a lot of soft plastics and fish heavy cover in Michigan. You need everything on your side. Question. The non-GLX version of the Loomis Greenwater isn't close to either of these in any category. If you want the butt end to be a bit shorter I would go with the 7′ Posted by 1 year ago. G Loomis mostly.. also Shimano and Kistler..For bottom contact the only rods I've fished that come close to the NRX and GLX in sensitivity are the Kistler's with NFC blanks..The KLX fishes as well as rods ... 3 St. Croix's: An Avid, and 2 LTB's 3 Dobyn's: A Savvy, and 2 Champions. It's about the tide and the affect it … Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides with slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and titanium frames for the ultimate protection from saltwater corrosion. Since 1982, G. Loomis is a maker of handcrafted fishing rods built without compromise in Woodland, Washington. The Avid is offered more legnths than the GL3 and costs about $60 less. Looking at 7' mhf to be used with a shimano curado. I have 2 St Croix rods that I absolutely love, but the Avid was out if stock in the size I wanted and the Loomis was in stock for 30 bucks cheaper. from generation 2 graphite, the Loomis generation 3. was created by Bruce Pearson in 1998 as a personal endeavor to share his passion for fishing. I personally have a 6'6" St. Croix which was really great for 2 years until the top ring fell off. With all the positives about the St. Croix avid I may have to go pick one of them up as well. I will say, that in general a medium heavy St. Croix is going to be a more powerful rod than a medium heavy Loomis. that being said.. I’m growing tired of replacing tips on nearly every X-Fast action Avid I own.. the St. Croix runs about $300-$350, the Loomis $350-$380. A new tip and guides have been installed, wrapped, and finished, still nice action! Just got a new GLX and did this video to compare it with my legend elite and show the differences between them both. Next rod I want to get in that range is a 6th sense lux. Most inshore fishing is done on the flats or in shallow bays around docks or mangroves where getting a bait to the fish and then getting that fish to the boat is a real challenge. St.croix Legend inshore casting rod. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. : G. Loomis 11214-01, Size 6'6" Med-Heavy (Casting), Greenwater Fiber Blend Rods : Baitcasting Fishing Rods : Sports & Outdoors Or would there be a better choice in the St.Croix avid or G-loomis IMX Line. I am partial to St. Croix Avid series of rods simply because they are American made with a lifetime warranty & have always taken care of me quickly. Brands, such as St. Croix, Sage, and G. Loomis, are also trusted by a large number of professional fishers. A tight 2nd was the blue St Croix tourney Anyway; 1) What modulus do the IMX,Avid,Tourney & Platinum rods use? I have 2 St.Croix avids and love them both. I haven’t used the G Loomis rods, but the St. Croix Avid is a great choice with a medium power and fast action in the 7’0 to 7’6 range. St Croix Avid Tourney Loomis IMX Bass Pro Signature 85 MM modulus 64 MM modulus All-Star Platinum They all felt good, but the Bass Pro felt better in the 85 MM modulus vs the rest. I’d much rather spend the extra $20-$30 for a G-Loomis Greenwater or St. Croix Avid Inshore, especially the Avid. St.Croix vs G-Loomis st.croix models I am looking at. St. Croix Avid Inshore Spinning Rods. Also Loomis will replace the E6x for 70 bucks if I ever damage or break it, St. Croix … Shimano and Fenwick brands offer great value for money due to their affordable pricing and quality build. St. Croix Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Rods - TackleDirect 3. I am going to use the G- loomis IMX SJR722 for jigs that are 1/2-3/4oz The rating on the rod is 1/8-3/8 medium fast. G.Loomis, Woodland, Washington. Built with St. Croix's proprietary high-modulus SCIII graphite, this rod delivers the highest level of durability and strength possible. Amazing rod and reel combo. For those of you who have had to use the warranties with loomis and St. Croix which one offers better customer service? But my wife found some lower end, good rods, with a Walleye Pro’s name on them, on Craigslist last year new in the wrapper for $25 each, and I bought 4 of them so I had rods for friends to use in my boat. Fan of their crankbaits. looking for 7ft spinning rod medium rod with good action to work jigs and topwater and hardbaits. The best fishin' community on, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Thinking that it was just a fluke, I talked with my brother who has 2 St. Croix's (Premiers) and he told me the same thing happened to him. The Avid series would be compared to the Loomis GL3. this has been broken. Since it's very beginning, the web site focuses on providing a meaningful resource for fishing information and to create a medium for anglers to come together as a community and share information. Question. Was looking at rods the other day because I'd like to get her a med-heavy stick for jacks and tarpon.. All the st. Croix rods I handled had a massive blank diameter for the same line ratings as the loomis rods and that's as far as I got. Today, the community has grown to host various contributing volunteer experts, guides, and professional fishermen with the goal of helping and sharing with fellow anglers. Total: 93 (members: 0, guests: 77, robots: 16), Let's Talk Fishin'! You should be able to make up your mind after reading our review of the best rod for fishing. ), Lami XMG50 and St Croix Avid Float rod input. all guides, wraps, reel seat and cork are in great shape. I picked up a 7’ greenwater and paired it with one of my 3000 Stradics. I own one of each, I would go with the avid for quality but e6x is a good rod and I believe they are currently on sale at TW. Repaired length is 7'3" Heavy power. It would absolutely be best if you could get your hands on both of them as I think balance and ergonomics are going to be mainly what differentiates them. I narrowed my search for a new rod to these 2. Well I should be able to give you a review in a few weeks, yeah loomis I believed is owned by shimano so they have a lot of history, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Fishing_Gear community, Press J to jump to the feed. I think loomis redesigned the greenwater recently so I know nothing about the current ones. I’ve only ever fished two pretty different rods from those series, a M/XF topwater Avid and a MH/F Loomis MBR, and both were pretty nice. Thinking I may get a 6'6 6th sense in the spring if they continue to get good reviews though.

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