The conference call takes places at the end All articles, videos, and images posted on Dinar Chronicles were submitted by readers and/or handpicked by the site itself for informational and/or entertainment purposes. Dinar Exchange Rate Dinar Recaps Dr. Clarke Dinar Guru Recaps Dinar RV Dinar Vets – Hacked Website Warning – Adam Montana Dinares Gurus IQD Calls Wingit Call – Iraqi Dinar Updates Iranian Rial Iraqi Dinar – IQD – Iraqs There are updates such as dinar snippets which come from the various websites. Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1-14-21 Call Transcribed by WiserNow Emailed to Recaps Welcome everybody to The Big Call - it is Thursday Jan 14th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks everybody for tuning in again – Well guys let’s do this – let’s talk about not only where we are b Transcription by Artneto, Mangelo, Visionary1 and others Bruce: No more delays! The Big Call conference calls takes place on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9:50 pm EST. I am not expecting anything big with the Iraqi Dinar for the next two months, the dinar is weak and with the low prices of oil, I expect the dinar to still lose value. Once again we only post news, rumors and opinions from Dinarland sites or readers emailing us. Dinar Recaps is a site that has been up since June of 2011, a lot more time than this site ( which was put up around January-February of 2014. Dinar legend has it, there is a plan in place to return the dinar to its rightful place as one of the worlds strongest currencies. Dinar Recaps Review - The dinar recaps website has a lot of great information. Dinar Guru - Iraqi Dinar Revaluation News Recaps Understanding the IQD RV – Vets, Detectives, Recaps, Guru, Chronicles and More The Big Call Bruces “The Big Call… Occasionally, recaps will post both chats, and full conference call transcripts, which are both very helpful to many individuals. Dinar Detectives | Latest Dinar Recaps, Updates and Dinar GuruTNT SHOWTIME CC with TNT TONY (Notes by Adept1). A. Note from Dinar Recaps: We have been getting more complaints then usual about the contents of our Dinar Recaps Blog. TNT Call notes 5- January-2018. Subject: Dinar: BRUCES' CALL (THE BIG CALL) I LISTENED TO BRUCES' (THE BIG CALL) LAST NIGHT AND HE SAID THIS: SOMEONE REPORTED THAT THEY DID A SMALL CURRENCY EXCHANGE AT A CALIFORNIA AIRPORT (DIDN'T NAME WHICH … Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 3-31-16: Guests are Sue, Yosef and Robert. The Big Call The Big Call (Blessed Ideas Group) is a conference call led by Bruce. I suggest you check out my review. The Big Call conference calls takes place on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9:50 pm EST. This dinar recaps site has a bit of new information everyday, much like my sites breaking news page, it doesn’t seem to regurgitate the information other sites are putting out, at least, not too much. Dinar Guru RayRen98 Dinar Daddy Adam Montana BGG Dinar Mountain Goat Dinar Mnt Goat Dinaresgurus Dr Clarke Dinar – Recaps Own Guru Kaperoni Okie Oil Man TNT Dinar Breitling Currency Frank26 TNT Tony The Big Call Dinar Recaps greatly appreciates all the t ime and effort that Highhopes, VNJW, JNVW, Rana and all the other people who post and share openly with the whole Dinar Community every single day, which is what we are doing also. Dinar Detectives covers the latest dinar chronicles and shares dinar guru opinions. On Dinar Detectives we post daily dinar updates and dinar recaps from all popular dinar gurus. The conference call takes places at the end of the infomercials in the beginning. Source: Dinar Recaps If you wish to contact the author of any reader submitted guest post, you can give us an email at and we'll forward your request to the author. Ninja's Iraqi Dinar News 1,618 views 3:21 Anchor caught on hot mic claiming ABC spiked Epstein bombshell - Duration: 6:16. Investment in the Iraqi Dinar Currency The following is a list of so called Gurus, that Dinar Recaps posts, that have been proved to lie: 8Ball 12thman Patriot intel Report 5-19-2020 "US Treasury BankCall Intel Thursday Night 4-23-2020 Call Transcribed by WiserNow Emailed to Recaps Welcome All your favorite Dinar stories in one place.

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