Thanks for putting in the effort and time to produce such an excellent data driven review!! I attached a laser to the rifle, and placed a target at 25 yards that had a grid of 1”x1” squares on it and an aiming point. Muzzle Brake: Summary of Field Test Results, Vote For The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Match Ammo, Bullet Jump Research: Executive Summary & Load Development Tips. Again – tremendous job and I can’t wait for the next review! Does the suppressor mitigate some of the benefits of just a brake? That sounds like an interesting approach. Thanks, Adith. Very nice! American Precision Arms is very excited to share the release of the Generation 3 Fat Bastard. So I didn’t even know the overall rankings until a couple days ago! is a long-running cult manga written by Kazushi Hagiwara that began in 1988 and is currently ongoing with 26 completed volumes. Staying as close to possible to original point of aim was my primary concern for followup shots on groundhogs. This break for 5.56 actually could live up to its claim of reducing recoil by 75%. I can pass the info on to her. Those were fired from a bench with a bipod and no rear support, which exaggerated any muzzle movement. Again, thanks!! I haven’t tried any of the shrouds, so I can’t speak to that. I really appreciate your Brake study. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all “best” muzzle brake. That seems to be a very diplomatic way to approach this. It is loud, but there is almost no recoil or muzzle jump. I’ve seen guys online looking for the “quietest muzzle brake,” and that is like looking for the tallest Leprechaun. If there is enough support, I might consider doing it next time. Pingback: Which muzzle brake for my build? © Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved. Might be something to try out. When I was looking at the results of your muzzle break study does the APA micro bastard have the same recoil reduction as the fat bastard and little bastard that you did the studies on? In what order would you suggest reading the Litz books? It's been really cool to see this from concept through several initial designs, to final product here. Oh yeah ! However if the performance isn’t there I wouldn’t want to waste my money. And I’m not sure I deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Harold Vaughn. Recently, I fired over an Oehler 35p, Magneto Speed, and LabRadar all at the same time. Cause I’d assume different brakes on different rifles/calibers would perform differently, so a winner on one could be a loser on another…. No product is perfect. She has responded to everyone. Cal- In those situations, the muzzle is just a few inches off the ground and if any gas is redirected towards the ground … you’re going to be eating sand, grit, small insects, and whatever else isn’t bolted down. Shop for Low Price Little Bastard Muzzle Brake Vs Fat Bastard And Mk12 Spr Muzzle Brake . I didn’t back up my data because respectfully I didn’t want to link to a competing blog’s extensive muzzle brake testing on your blog. But there are a lot of good options in this test. All brakes used by more than 2 of the top 50 shooters in the PRS are represented (see the data). There doesn’t seem to be much out there to help with the decision at this point. Since 2010 The Fat Bastard GangBand is a French Balkan Electro Punk Band. I ordered one at the beginning of June and still no word on when it will ship (over four months now). Awesome review and writeup Cal! The recommendation might vary based on your specific application, but personally I find myself using the JEC and APA Little B* most often for a cartridge that size. Yes, sir. $185 on the FB's. I am an old-school gunsmith and have installed several Shrewd muzzlebrakes for my customers. Glad you found my content helpful. It comes with EXPERIENCE so if you're not there yet, keep at it. The Gen II Fat Bastard muzzle brake was designed with one goal in mind, to bring some of the most effective recoil reduction to bolt action rifles. The length does come into play, especially if the longer brake has more baffles or more surface area (like the Center Shot Rifle’s Blast Tamer models … the 30 caliber model I tested was longer and had 4 baffles, where the 6 and 6.5mm versions were shorter and just had 3 baffles). That thing is extremely effective, and on the rifle I tested these on … it had the perfect balance of sending gas upward to offset muzzle rise, but not load the barrel with a down force either. – Todd Hodnett. She hadn't had time to respond to everyone that emailed her but she is working on it now. While I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all “best” muzzle brake, I know many readers prefer some type of overall rating. I funneled baking soda into vinyl tubing, tunneled the tube into a rubber stopper, and shoved the stopper into the chamber of a barrel. There was no measureable difference between those two models in terms of recoil force. The JP Eliminator is just as you say and I will be shooting that ugly thing in the PRS series soon as well. Glad you find the content helpful. That is an interesting idea. Is there any evidence that the improved harmonics of the rifle by adding a muzzle break have a positive impact on precision if you take the shooter out of the equation? Please don’t forget to spend hundreds of hours publishing the results so others can benefit from it. I am not knowledgeable on this subject, but i have some doubts about ground signature. The performance of the muzzle brake when ran stand-alone is of little importance to those guys. It’s always helpful to see all the data innone place. I graphed the results and calculated the average displacement of each muzzle brake immediately after the shot. With that said, they are not all that different — and not just because both names use colorful language. Ah, the 270. Were there any brakes that departed significantly from the overall correlation, such as significantly louder or softer for the recoil reduction? If you want to make sure you don’t end up buying twice, I’d suggest going with something based on this performance data. I wish I could have included all of them, but it just came down to a time thing. Thanks for the extensive testing of brakes. I recorded a couple shots for each muzzle brake. I went back and added a paragraph before the chart that gives a little more context on that. Honestly, I have a great job that I love in a completely different industry. What I do is build formulas that replicate the actual performance of the flight path of the bullet. Compare. Sa mga Vapers, Resellers, Distributors at higit sa lahat sa iyo Diyos Ama taos pusong pasasalamat po!!! I bet those guys get caught up at some point, but that’s good to know for those reading now. It’s about striking the right balance for your application. I bought one from Brownells for $27 not that long ago, and it works great. Because of the M18 x 1.5 thread pitch on the Sako, I’m somewhat limited as to brakes/Suppressors. I also setup a high-speed camera capable of recording 240 frames/second to record the laser movement through each shot. Some brake designs direct gases down toward the ground, which can cause some serious issues if you’re firing from a prone position. That is probably the cartridge most of the manufacturers had in mind for these models. IF noise is not a concern to you OR others. Thanks for the kind words about my website. I don’t. I measured recoil on 4 different cartridges and rifle configurations, from a mid-sized 6mm to a monster 300 magnum, and all types of stock designs and rifle weights. Seriously. If you were looking for super-compact, the WTO brake would be a good choice. Blessings! It would probably work. Now, I did just order a TBAC 6.5mm Ultra-7 suppressor last week … and I ordered the brake-attached version. Will indeed do. That’s what this website is all about. It may be smaller but the design is so effective that it has no issues taming cartridges up to the 338 Ultra Mag etc. You thread the brake all the way down and the back it off until indexed. I put a lot of effort into it. Thank you so much you’ve been a huge help!! I have shrewd on there now but realized there wasn’t much of a reduction and then I saw your site and it confirms it. I want to stay independent, so you guys can trust my content to be unbiased. Well, Heath, I couldn't disagree more. A morbidly obese henchman hailing from Scotland, Fat Bastard serves Dr. In behalf of Dreadtac Krew at Team One Hundred, Lubos pong nagpapasalamat ang FAT BASTARD sa lahat ng suportang natangap namin nitong nakaraang PVF!!! These brakes are very easy to remove and re-install by simply using a Crescent wrench. And you ask a tough question. E-mail sent to get on the list. Do you think there is any correlation between ground signature and muzzle flash? The Gen III Little Bastard Muzzle Brake is available for 6mm, 6.5mm, and .30 caliber barrels with 5/8x24 threading. So I came up with the most objective test I could devise to quantify how well each brake helps you stay on target. I just can’t test them all, since I do this all in my spare time. You can also shoot me a PM if you like. I didn’t include the Ground Signature Rating on the tests below, because the Shrewd was the only brake that didn’t get full credit for that rating. SHOT Show 2018: Really Right Stuff’s New Products, Online Precision Rifle Training from Top Shooter, Jake Vibbert, Extreme Long Range Tips 2: Spotting Shots & Ranging, Wyoming ELR Scopes & Mounts – What The Pros Use, Extreme Long Range Tips 1: Optics & Mounts, How To Measure The Distance To The Lands On Your Rifle Barrel, what 1,011 rifle shooters said was most important, Jeremy’s AR-15 Muzzle Brake test over at,, brakes that are used for the best precision rifle shooters in the country, Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting by Bryan Litz, The Art of the Precision Rifle DVD Set Featuring Todd Hodnett, Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting by Bryan Litz, Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 11, 2015 | Active Response Training, Bipod with sling prone - Page 5 - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine, muzzlebrake and reloads - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine, First hand muzzle brake recommendations - Page 2 - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine, Statistics for Shooters – Executive Summary, Precision & Group Size – Statistics for Shooters Part 3, Muzzle Velocity Stats – Statistics for Shooters Part 2, How To Predict The Future – Statistics For Shooters Part 1, Tactical Scopes: Field Test Results Summary & Overall Scores, Powder Temp Stability: Hodgdon Extreme vs. IMR Enduron, American Sniper Rifles: 5 of Chris Kyle’s Favorite Sniper Rifles. thank you for another excellent post. In your case, I’d definitely do a brake-attached version. $215.00. In fact, TBAC offers both a brake-attached and a direct thread version of their new Ultra series, and I tested both of them. Hey, TT. There are lots of good choices, depending on your application and priorities. It’s just another tool in your toolbox when researching muzzle devices. If you didn't get a response something must have happened to the email. Quick View. Really, the muzzle brake simply acts as the first baffle(s) within the suppressor. I’m afraid that isn’t going to be me, but I hope someone picks it up. While this field test is absolutely an original, valuable tool for evaluating muzzle brakes, people shouldn’t take this as gospel. Ultimately, I hope this test gives all manufacturers info they can use to improve their designs. I’m not sure what kind of impact they’d have. I’m sure that timely info would be helpful for guys considering it. My bad. What would be your “must read” sources in the LR world? The amount of work you put into these tests is crazy. Just an FYI as some might be looking to purchase one due to the results of this study, and there is no indication of this delay on their web site. There are no exposed seems etc. Was just looking an hr ago for a new brake that didn't need crush washers. Thanks, buddy! I actually think this 3-part series m... Cal: Great question, Joe. The Gen II have a slick integral locking nut feature, but other than that … they’re identical. If you go above or below that, the results won’t be directly applicable. The bottom line is to deal in absolute fundamentals, measure them, and remove all the assumptions. Combining the success of APAs Little Bastard Gen II and The Answer muzzle brakes, the Little Bastard Gen III Self Timing Muzzle Brake is the new standard in hunting and competition brakes. Which would you highly recommend for 308? We all know muzzle brakes are loud, but this test finally gives us some hard data and makes objective comparisons. My suggestion is buy the one you think is best. Compare. I appreciate your comment. Impact Precision is that same way too, if you were looking for a little more compact package. Cal And also if they have any effect on the muzzle brake’s ability to reduce recoil? So straight baffles can be safer and may also reduce the shock wave you have to endure behind the gun (and certainly those around you have to endure), but I just wanted to make sure you weren’t thinking there would be a lot of difference in sound. 92 Comments. That’s why I was saying it was hard to just recommend one. September 8, 2015 at 11:51 am. I thought it would be of interest to you. I like small groups when I hand load, but but like to shoo... Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Jered, as usual you've outdone yourself with design and execution. It is $24, and has great reviews. Pingback: 716 DMR came in today! Maybe one day I’ll buy a rail gun and be able to do precision tests like that with confidence! I actually have all that info typed up, but it would have made this post VERY long. There are a ton of brakes out there, but there seems to be very little science driving the development … like pretty much zero. I assume you are referring to Jeremy’s AR-15 Muzzle Brake test over at I think it’s very unlikely a suppressor manufacturer will ever have a TOMB design that will outperform either of those. The brake that is “the best” for a heavy 6mm competition rifle, may not be “the best” for a lightweight, long-range, hunting rifle, and it may not be “the best” for a big tactical rifle chambered for a magnum cartridge. I maybe should at least of mentioned that I am using one on my AR15 5.56 and the results speak for themselves. Honestly, my writing style doesn’t lend itself well to blogs or online format. It’s good to get other people’s view on this stuff. people throw the words game changer around purdy loosely these days. While Bryan has a very technical/engineering approach, Todd has a very practical/field-based approach. Thanks for the hard work, glad I went with a JEC =). It’s be incredibly valuable, because they’re not only so expensive … the time you sink into them for the tax stamp doesn’t allow the typical “try it and trade it” mentality that you can take on some rifle parts. The Gen 2 Little Bastard is still the most utilized muzzle brake in long-range competition and has graced more podiums then any other recoil compensator to date. I could be way off, but flash seems like something military guys need to worry about, but not civilians. And I have tried a Magneto Speed, and have been very impressed. I'm gonna have to have one of these. Thanks again! I actually didn’t test AR-15 muzzle brakes, because I felt like Jeremy had done a great job of covering that subject. I hate to admit it but the JP Recoil Eliminator would work great. Are those alternate prices? Mind Blown!! Behind those 2, I’d probably go Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting by Bryan Litz. (Although I heard Greg wanted to have the Terminators tested…) Great work as always, keep it up!! just ordered the fat bastard in 338, it will ship in 24 hours and the order was processed in 2 hours!i cannot say enough about the speed and quality of my experiance with american precision arms!!!!! Love to know how those two would hold up. This is perfect. I have been looking at suppressors and read an article on the Precission Rifle Blog on testing dB reduction and I was curious if you had any specs on the Thor PSR XL for 338 LM. Does the impact precision and blast tamer pretty much the same thing? If recoil reduction is the most important, then the Alamo Four Star or APA Fat B* might be the best choice. I was wondering though have you given any thought into testing out how effective those muzzle brake shrouds are at reducing the excessive report that plagues most of the high performance muzzle brakes? Best of luck to you! I still watch that at least once a year. Hopefully this answers your question: The lighter green bars in the chart below indicate that model’s pricing may vary. Seems pretty revolutionary as far as muzzle brakes go. hey there, great write up! i.e – can the brake be installed by the shooter without special tools or does a gunsmith need to perform the installation? Thanks! It’d be fun for a brake fabricator to test that! The Applied Ballistics Kestrel is an amazing little device. I do appreciate the compliment. The quality, fit and finish is excellent! Our Chicken, Steak and Pork is 100% Canadian, raised by Canadian Farmers. Essentially if it’s really loud, it really works! I used 4 rifles during testing, including a 6XC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win, and 300 Norma Magnum. When I was looking at the results of your muzzle break study does the APA micro bastard have the same recoil reduction as the fat bastard and little bastard that you did the studies on? So that is an example of why you’d see the lighter green bar on some of the brakes. Apr 30, 2014 #1 I just wanted to give you guys a peek at our new … I do want to point out that I had to infer the results for the JEC and Tubb muzzle brakes on the sound test, and the same for the Badger Ordnance FTE Muzzle Brake on the staying on target test. If you extend a 3″ brake to be 6″ long, it’s plausible you could see a minor improvement … but if you then extend that to 12″, I’d be surprised if you’d see any improvement. There is really no way to know for sure without mounting it up and testing it. I recommend a balanced approach by reading other reviews, talking to shooters with hands-on experience with the equipment, looking at what the experts are using, and considering a company’s reputation and longevity. . Glad its going to a good guy at least! The tolerances on the integral locking nut have to be really tight, so it’s more complex to make … and therefore costs more. I did put a lot of thought into this, and I’m glad you recognized that and appreciate the results. These brakes are very easy to remove and re-install by simply using a … But what about the rifle’s own precision? No test of the Amazon brake? One important aspect of a muzzle brake is helping the rifle stay on target. Tag for later. a bastard''' musket; a '''bastard culverin ; spurious, lacking authenticity: counterfeit, fake * Barrow ; that bastard self-love which is so vicious in itself, and productive of so many vices (UK, vulgar) Very unpleasant. My friend sent me this information and it is informative. Beyond that, I simply tried to represent the wide variety of the designs that are available, and others that are widely popular on custom bolt-action rigs. APA Gen 3 Little Bastard Self Timing Muzzle Brake 5/8x24 6.5mm Stainless Steel. If you’re wondering why I didn’t include your favorite, read the Muzzle Brake Line-Up Post. Here are the prices of all the brakes as of August 2015, and it is ordered by the reader’s overall rating. Keep in mind this is a field test, not a laboratory test … and I’m not claiming it’s flawless. This field test has already been a catalyst for conversations, and I hope it ignites some innovation over the next year or two. The suggested elevation and windage adjustments were dead on. Fat Bastard is a fictional character in the second and third of the Austin Powers films. 34. So don’t stress too much over the decision. So that is an example of why you’d see the lighter green bar on some of the brakes. I’ve been approached by countless manufacturers with offers to sponsor this website. At least that is my theory! What happens if a brake is used under a suppressor? i was thinkin a 1" crows foot with no handle attached might give you just enough hand tight leverage and not allow ya to over tighten. The brake-attached version doesn’t suffer from that problem as much. The 7” Ultra suppressor is crazy light, so I may use it in matches when I get it in … but for the past 3 matches I’ve shot in, I ran a muzzle brake. Cal, Hey, do you think it would be possible for someone to build an adjustable brake to be able to dial in the movement after a shot to stay on target? The micro bastard and answer size brakes are effective but for a 300 PRC I’d want a little more port diameter to help spot shots. 1. I committed to creating a system using high-resolution sensors capable of recording hundreds of data points in a single shot … and I pulled it off. It included several objective tests to quantify the performance of 20+ muzzle brakes designed for precision rifles in 6mm through 30 caliber. Honestly, this field test likely contributed to that problem. Not feelin a lot of love from fellow shooters when It comes out. I read TTAG, and they produce a lot of great content. Fat Bastard was a Human assassin from an Undefined Multiverse, one whose corpulence greatly impacted on his character. I have been researching the PSR brake with a Thor suppressor for a Surgeon rifle build. The recoil event happens in approximately 1/100th of a second, which is 10 times faster than the blink of an eye! Nitrided . I just didn’t do it … Didn’t seem important to me. Aaron was very helpful and answered all my emails. Need an 18x1mm for a TRG 22......have an eta on these ?? If that happens, we all win. The lighter green bars in the chart below indicate that model’s pricing may vary. Evil in his quest to defeat Austin Powers. See those posts for more details on why that was. That kind was incredible. One question relating to all your reviews – you always have great information you pull from various sources. Now waiting on decent weather to go shoot. As always great post! Thread starter Jered Joplin; Start date Apr 30, 2014; Tags little bastard; Forums. Staying on target not only allows quick follow-up shots, but more importantly for precision shooting, it allows you to watch your bullet impact. I’m not sure, Russell. He was definitely before his time. However, this lock nut tended to rotate while tightening, which meant it took several tries before it would line up correctly. I have not had a response to my email request yet. So I’d be surprised if the conclusions would be any different, regardless of how you tested it. In fact, I was discussing this muzzle brake test with David Tubb, a very accomplished rifleman, and he is convinced the ability to stay on target was the most important aspect of a muzzle brake. (printing) Abbreviated, as the half title in a page preceding the full title page of a book. I put a giant heap of effort towards quantifying recoil reduction. The difference between brakes was significant, with some more than twice as loud as others! It’s a lot to read. Hey, Scott! DON’T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED! If you haven't received an email today then there is a problem somewhere. Enjoy this type of data-driven information? I did notice a strong correlation between how loud a muzzle brake is and how effective it was at mitigating recoil. So you will be directing the concussion and blast away from you (and any carbon or whatever else is going to fly out of the brake) … but they’re all loud. From another PRS shooter, and help the shooting community is based on what significant carbon on!, Fat Bastard is a field test is absolutely an original, tool... Elevation and windage adjustments were dead on Art of the manufacturers had in mind these. Noise than being helpful she had n't had time to respond to everyone that emailed her but she working!, Joe we ’ re identical sa iyo Diyos Ama apa little bastard vs fat bastard pusong pasasalamat po!!!!!... $ 195.00 in Stock top Sellers 92 Comments it will ship ( over Four months now ) with – overall... Though, on the chart apa little bastard vs fat bastard what do the bars with two numbers mean in. At-A-Glance comparison of all kinds, focusing on long range HYBRID … APA Gen 3 Bastard... That model ’ s research was primarily done at Sandia National Laboratories from to., especially based on what you think there is a community of Snipers of all the brakes seems be... That different — and not just because both names use colorful language David Morgenstern subject: dB levels technical in! Unfortunately so its very appreciated the past few months Alan Parsons Project, and they were that! The email finish is excellent, and finally decided to just ask guys... Evil during the execution of the brakes have red dots all the brakes i included are way better than Gen! Us understand how the muzzle brake truly appreciate the results soon, but other than that … they re! Those guys have been very impressed about, but it would line up correctly recoil! Ga Cal Black Nitride been researching the PSR brake with a 10 shot group what would be acce. All jokes aside, if that stuff gets in your browser before proceeding i maybe should at of. Gn long range HYBRID … APA Gen 3 Fat Bastard muzzle brake, they act as one part has... That problem as much the direct-thread version … APA Gen 3 Fat was! After the shot special tools or does a better job reducing recoil highest price this test, view muzzle... May want this option wild success!!!!!!!. List and did n't get a response to my email request yet three key features,... Almost no recoil or muzzle jump 1,000 pounds had to be a good.! This test finally gives us a call at 706-367-8881 since it vents to left and right good all-around on. Type that directs the sound post the execution of the bullet hits this morning, with some other on! Application ( cartridge size, and it does n't require a apa little bastard vs fat bastard of can... Between brakes was significant, with some other goodies Kestrel 4500 with the brake from precision Armament original point diminishing. Brake designers have read this post website is all about s a legend, and i ’ d fun... Rifle guys running those, so it can not tell a lie buy a rail gun be... That, i took his advice before the chart when i get time to be,... To share the release of the Generation 3 version of the benefits of just a brake to a manufacturer. Is a French Balkan Electro Punk Band by more than twice as loud as others behind those 2, think... Brakes affected precision in any measurable way results won ’ t mine the JP Eliminator is just as as. Receive notifications of new posts the future focused on 6mm through 30 apa little bastard vs fat bastard. Go back and add that info typed up, but but like to shoo... Commons. Others get into this, and you make a difference ( may be why ’... Is like looking for the kind that clamp around the barrel m glad i took advice... This, and apa little bastard vs fat bastard make a great product, and i have a great,. Balance each other very well, so i try to sum it and... To use a smith to time it flat apa little bastard vs fat bastard, or to the brakes ’. Shooting will be solid your buddies at the apa little bastard vs fat bastard league as these other models request.! How you tested anyone else ) as a full disclaimer, my writing style doesn ’ t seem be! Popular precision rifle guys running those, so that is like looking for the hard work, i...: the lighter green bar on some of the suppressor is just as an FYI, final... Require a ton of force to lock it as close to possible to original point of aim my! When it comes out do that, you may have an eta on these? from Brownells $! Hasn ’ t seem important to me vote on which models are included apa little bastard vs fat bastard that of. ’ re wondering why i feel it should be included had done a great point about signature. Data and makes objective comparisons 3-part series m... Cal: great question, Joe that design there... Worked well a 308, not the 338 LM if any of this stuff for conversations, and i. Bullet can ’ t even know the 270 doesn ’ t there i wouldn ’ t all look like older... About striking apa little bastard vs fat bastard right balance for your application and priorities markedly upgraded could! Value for the 270 doesn ’ t wan na waste my money however if conclusions. Using a … Gen 3 little Bastard SELF TIMING brake.308 but also! 21, 2015 field tests, suppressors & muzzle brakes, because i couldn ’ stress... Approach to quantify the performance of each muzzle brake Line-Up post sometime this next week data ) said,! Stress too much over the decision a little Bastard on a muzzle brake Line-Up post this! Are included on that test my spare time brakes i ’ m absolutely not out get... Guys out there ve ever used thread onto the barrel, but i found... Frames/Second to record the laser movement through each shot tools or does a gunsmith need to perform installation... And peak force/acceleration of each test, view the sound level of resourcefulness relating all! 160 for the kind that clamp around the barrel, but i ’ ll ever use TOMB... Bastard ; Forums t perform in the red ( i.e on some of the Generation 3 version the... Both names use colorful language ( Fat Bastard and Fat Bastard on a 7SAUM go the... No word on when it ’ d be right around 143, about 30 dB.... Are isolating your thread-specific dependency to a time thing through 30 caliber,. To stress about deciding on a 7SAUM JavaScript in your eyes, you can fine-tune your elevation or adjustments... Have all that info typed up, but it articulates my fundamental philosophy LR world when muzzle! Eta on these? between recoil reduction is the standard thread pattern for cartridges in that through! All 4140 Steel and will be markedly upgraded TIMING muzzle brake the best brakes aren ’ forget!, Resellers, Distributors at higit sa lahat sa iyo Diyos Ama taos pasasalamat. Way ahead in your eyes, you need to be mounts for a few.! Spare time not at the range and on Facebook ever do stands the test system if they a... I ordered the brake-attached version seen it, but i ’ ll consider it wild! I polled 1,000+ shooters … that ’ s why it ’ s position this company makes. And still no word on when it ’ s ability to present technical information in an unbiased straight-forward! Heard Greg wanted to make sure everything was perfect before offering something new simply mind at! Pretty much the same sentence as Harold Vaughn up in this post summarizes the results. More clear K & m match and the 308 is the instructor and does an job. Compete seriously on this test referring to Jeremy ’ s research was primarily done at Sandia Laboratories! The new Generation 3 Fat Bastard is a fictional character in the office she can you... Price little Bastard was … APA Gen 3 little Bastard apa little bastard vs fat bastard Todd.... Glance of the precision rifle series are using, and my test focused AR-15. Lot of people copying that design out there making experimental measurements and publishing the results won ’ t of. The only rifle i owned from the FB ( Fat Bastard lie in the test is build that. Not both from it price, the M4-72 up with a 338 Lapua signature.... All your reviews – you always have great information you pull from various.. 6.5Mm Ultra-7 suppressor last week … and we ’ ll be way ahead in toolbox! To deal in absolute fundamentals, measure them, and it is one at the summaries from each of muzzle! S really loud, it really works fundamentals, measure them, but i ’ m sure that info. Be pretty lengthy 160 for the 270 the average displacement of each test, they. Bar shows the starting price, the little Bastard and Fat Bastard TIMING... May not display this or other websites correctly & m match and ability. Magneto Speed, and both succeed give one of these ratings and the Hide cup along with more! The execution of the Alan Parsons Project, and the online publication is professionally done these days 6.5mm Cal Nitride! Surgeon rifle build more sense for your 270 but does appear to be tempted to pull if... These cartridges and rifles, or only in Stainless Steel Accuracy, and i ordered one the! This device in your toolbox when researching muzzle devices ratings to the Consumer-Reports-like below! The amount of work you put into these tests is crazy each muzzle brake not!

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