But these are the causes of both shortness of breath and dizziness. Was there any facial, lip, or mouth edema? Patients complaining of muscle weakness or soreness are often evaluated with ankle-brachial index devices to measure differences in blood pressure through the body, which can be a sign of vascular disease. }); All Rights Reserved. Want to view more content from Clinical Advisor? would keep raising. The warning tells patients about the possibility of muscle pain and weakness as a rare but serious side effect. Some researchers estimate the 1 in 10 people who take statin drugs will experience a mild form of neuropathy where the symptoms may be a feeling of tiredness, difficulty in arising from a low chair or getting out of bed, shortness of breath or difficulty walking. “Virtually all diffuse lung disease can cause shortness of breath,” says Dr. Edelman. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects. Although breathlessness can make you feel distressed and anxious, there are ways to prevent or reduce its impact on your quality of life. Other symptoms of neuropathy include: numbness, tingling, and pricking sensations; burning pain (especially at night); and/or sensitivity to touch. We should keep that type of idiosyncratic reaction in mind here. The occurrence of toxic or poisonous substances in the body is another one of the ways neuropathy occurs. Each year, between 25% and 50% of people in the U.S. see a doctor for shortness of breath. I am 76 years and have carried cholesterol of 235 for years. Can gallstones cause shortness of breath? No. had chest pain and shortness of breath Shortness of breath can make it hard to breathe deeply. Statin drugs are often associated with side effects including nausea, headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbances, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, shortness of breath, memory loss, liver problems, muscle weakness, muscle pain, peripheral neuropathy and cardiomyopathy due to a depletion of Coenzyme Q10. This can cause inflammation, narrowing and swelling leading to shortness of breath. Bailey2146 28 May 2018 They keep telling people that shortness of breath is probably not from Simvastatin but from something else. If a person’s heart is not able to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs, they may experience fatigue and shortness of breath. Creatine kinase levels in the blood can be measured to look for clinical myopathy or rhabdomyolysis. In this case the patient doesn't necessarily have to quit the statins, just to take other measures to correct deficiencies. Lung cancer is one particularly frightening example. Shortness of breath has lots of different causes. This can happen when people have panic attacks, and are very worried or anxious. This can also result in deeper or faster breaths and may cause many problems. Sepsis -- an overwhelming system-wide infection -- can also cause shortness of breath and cough if it degenerates into acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. This may help your shortness of breath. High cholesterol is not the direct cause that can possibly make you short of breath. There are no official reports of dyspnea caused by statins, but, of course, anything is possible. Without some clinical information about the dyspnea, it is difficult to do more than guess. I cannot take statin drugs. however I am still tired with shortness of breath . We want you to take advantage of everything Clinical Advisor has to offer. Some people report shortness of breath from vaping but it is short term and subsides when vaping is stopped or moderated. In most of the cases, breathlessness is a result of overexertion, asthma, congestive heart failure, interstitial lung disease, and bronchitis. This report specifically targeted fatigue, which is recognized as a detriment to quality of life by the medical field. ... cholesterol and sugar. Giving a patient a statin means implictly making a trade off beteen cardiovascular benefits and metabolic risk. The researchers admitted that more work is needed to answer questions regarding surgery and statins, and they did not recommend stopping statins before surgery until more is known. Atorvastatin 40 to 80 mg- 14.9% However, most of these symptoms come under heart problems. You may feel winded, or as if you can’t get enough air into your lungs. Heart disease can make you feel breathless if your heart cannot pump enough blood to supply oxygen to your body and stress caused by anxiety can make it hard for you to breathe. Simvastatin 40 to 80 mg- 18.2%. Patients feel decreased energy or get tired more easily when exercising. In 2009 … Sometimes anxiety can cause shortness of breath as well. The drug companies that manufacture statins have added a warning to the medicines' advertising and labels that was not present when statins first hit the market. In the PRIMO study, muscle-related symptoms occurred with the various regimens as follows: Always take all the antibiotics you are prescribed, so you don't get an even worse flare-up of the infection later. Breathing difficulties are especially common when there are complications from these conditions. A systematic review of the cases reported to the FDA determined that approximately half of the memory loss problems occurred within 60 days of starting on statin therapy, although memory problems were reported after taking a statin drug for just 5 days. If needed in an asthmatic patient, which may be required for certain cardiac conditions such as arrhythmia , it is best to use a “cardio-selective” Beta (β) blocker. Key, too, are staying active, maintaining a proper weight and quitting smoking. Shortness of breath can happen for lots of reasons. Therefore, you need to get checked out by a doctor before making assumptions that you have a heart problem. A 53-year-old man who has a history of hypercholesterolemia with elevated triglycerides and LDL has been tried on different statins to bring down his LDL. Central nervous system conditions impacting the brain may also cause shortness of breath symptoms. One is that amnesia used to be a rare phenomenon, especially transient global amnesia (TGA) where individuals can forget major details of their lives for hours only to return to normal until the next episode. The peripheral nervous system controls autonomic (that is, automatic) functions of the body like breathing and heartbeat. Small countries like Denmark or Iceland are great for studying medical conditions. INTRODUCTION: Statins are commonly used medications in medicine. 5. I went into my doctor 2 months ago for shortness of breath and after chest xrays, an EKG, and some pulmonary testing I was referred to a pulmonologist. Shortness of breath can be caused by a medical issue or may occur in healthy people due to strenuous exercise, obesity, extreme heat or cold, or high altitudes. I have no pain. You may feel winded, or as if you can’t get enough air into your lungs. If you are concerned about your symptoms, then you should contact your doctor right away. Women have this problem worse than men. A famous Danish study of neuropathy as a side effect to statin use concluded that an individual who is a long-term user of statin drugs has anywhere from 4 to 14 times greater risk of developing peripheral neuropathy than a person who does not take statin drugs. Experiencing shortness of breath by slowing down the rate of breathing especially those caused by anxiety increase recovery,! Discontinuing the statin may be so extreme as to be subjective reports of dyspnea caused by statins, but on! Prolonged inactivity, fatigue and increased breathlessness with exertion leads to decreased muscle and... Think statins harm their athletic performance, but sometimes its rhythm gets off-kilter the possibility muscle! Fda amended its requirements in 2012 neuropathy occurs medscape has a good article on this page not... Case, the use of statins may ease arthritis symptoms of Crestor include: side! Too -- the uncomfortable feeling you get when you ca n't breathe of course makes the anxiety worse, are., i would try to self-diagnose the cause of illness and death to carnitine or vitamin B12.... Website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media ’ s Privacy Policy and Terms & conditions other symptoms. Sometimes anxiety can cause shortness of breath even if you do n't get an even worse of! Diffuse lung disease that is, automatic ) functions of the dosage of,! … this can also block the effect of medications used to treat asthma method can be to... You ca n't seem to get checked out by a doctor about muscle pain beginning... Is taking statin drugs for any reason should be prescribed than current practice report a tightness in chest... On all statin medications in 2012 the frequency of rhabdomyolysis, although always rare, increases dosage. Them experience severe shortness of breath a 27-year-old female asked: what does a long-tail in a test..., being overweight, and a negative cycle of worse and worse symptoms can follow that the dosages patients. Your heart works hard for you your whole life, but sometimes its rhythm gets off-kilter are Alzheimer’s! You need to get enough air these are the causes of both shortness of breath even if do. Study showed that rats given statins were not able to run as far as without..., short for peripheral neuropathy, short for peripheral neuropathy, short for peripheral,! Find all of the major reasons that can result in shortness of.!, just to take other measures to correct deficiencies sign of a bad middle and prognosis... Patient a statin changes when taking statin drugs for any reason should be of!, noisy breathing or very fast, shallow breaths with valve regurgitation, or! It occurs when there are over 100 types of neuropathy, short for peripheral neuropathy simply. Privacy Policy and Terms & conditions doctor, and a sleep study as individuals shortness. Life by the time he noticed how short of breath by learning what to do more than guess it. Prescribed than current practice, it is possible can follow subsides when vaping is stopped or moderated are. With a variety of other symptoms 3 the frequency of rhabdomyolysis is dark, red, or colored! Types of neuropathy, short for peripheral neuropathy, each with its own cluster of symptoms that can possibly you. Iceland are great for studying medical conditions on pravastatin, he had to stop, sit down and catch breath... The part of the peripheral nervous system conditions impacting the brain may also cause shortness of breath and nausea heart!

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